The rumours about Sauber's demise have been greatly exaggerated
Rumours about financial difficulties of various F1 teams seem to be at least partly creatures of an over-active imagination of some reporters of the gutter press.

+Sauber F1 Team vehemently denies that their deal with Russian investors is merely empty noise. Here a translation of a German article at the auto motor und sport done by our very own +Jens Graikowski.

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Sauber denies rumors
Disgusted by the fudged information the gutter press is distributing about the +Sauber F1 Team again I decided to try and get the other side of the story.

You see, the thing is that there is enough real information around to create a complete picture, if one feels so inclined. Of course one has to search a bit and it helps if one speaks a few languages. In the case of the #SauberF1Team  German comes in especially useful. Here an article by the auto motor und sport magazine. As always please excuse the poor translation. I still think this helps to clear up a few rumours, badly researched articles and intentional false reports.

Russia deal goes as planned
Sauber has denied media reports that the deal with their Russian partners threatens to fall through. The first of the promised payments to the team have already been made [Note by the translator: Take that, gutter press]. The collaboration is on the right track.

Sauber fights back. The Swiss team has labelled media reports about problems in the cooperation with Russian partners as "false reports" on Tuesday (13. 08. 2013). The pressure of the rumour mill had grown so strong in recent days that the team from Hinwil felt obligated to make an official statement, to put matters right, despite their summer vacation.

It states: "The announced cooperation with Russian partners is well under way. The contract with driver Sergei Sirotkin is done. The announced preparations for his employment will start next week - after our customary holiday."

Sauber receives first payments from Russia
Even the reports of financial difficulties caused by lack of funds from Russia does not hold any truth, said the team: "First contractually guaranteed payments to the team have already been made. A financial involvement of the NIAT (National Institute of Aviation and Technology) was never intended - intended was merely a technical cooperation."

The "Bild" newspaper had reported on its website that a financial contribution from the NIAT board of directors had been rejected, which supposedly caused Sauber to lose a 400 million euro investment. The team reacted visibly upset about these reports. "We are surprised about some media's recklessness when distributing false reports and rumours."

I think these are clear words and I hope that I've alleviated some worries amongst the Sauber fan community by translating this. If you speak German you'll find the original article attached to this post.

May the Plus be with you,
+Jens Graikowski 

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