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School, then travel.
School, then travel.

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So excited! I still have a long list of things to do, but 18 days! Im going to start vloging soon for my less computer literate parents so they can just youtube it. Going to visit an aquarium today with my boyfriend if he ever gets out of bed and massages t...

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The holidays are here. I can never pinpoint the exact moment where the feelings of warmth creep into my bones but this year I think it has come with the snow. Today it is snowing, not like huge flakes that are staying but the first snow I've seen at home al...

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A month an a bit
So I have 50 days until I leave. That's not very many. While I am excited and counting down,  I am also beginning to grasp that I have no idea what the next year hold. I suppose you never really know but I don't have a plan. While the prospect of just going...

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November is finally cold!
     I'm not sure if it is every where but thus far it has been a rather warm November. Which has been a little bit jarring for my internal clock. October was a weird month a lot of good things happened and some not so great ones . I got my Visa for my trip...

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Excitement and forward motion.
My Travel Visa has cleared! I'm leaving! Now I just  have to book the trip with Gap 360 and My flight! WOO! So Soon, I'm so nervous, I'm leaving for an entire year. It's shocking and seems like a completely blank space in my life, where life after isn't bec...

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Missing school
September. This work means many things and for the past 20 year it has meant school. Now it doesn't. My skin is itching and all I want to do is go to school. I miss it, I didn't think the feel would be so strong. All I want to do is have the structure and f...

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September fast approaching and lim twitching for school
For the first time in 20 years I wont be going to school in the fall. I thought it wouldn't be an issue, hahahahah was I wrong. I keep looking at course calenders and classes for institutions I can attend after work. Im not even settled into my job yet and ...

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Halfway to crazy but all creativity
So I have finished working at Lowe's. I will miss every one there, my co-workers were awesome. However I wasn't able to keep doing 7 days a week any more. 16/16 days of straight work are complete now I have my first weekend off since may! Im tired and punch...

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As it is July First HAPPY CANADA DAY! I've made it this far. Recently I graduated from university got a job, then another job, then  a third job related to my second job and a fourth job teaching in my field. Now Im quitting my first job because my second j...

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Two jobs and time inbetween
It's been a while, but I have not forgotten. I have finished all my finals, moved home settled in and found two jobs. I work full time ish hours working in a temp agency office and at a hard wear store. I do enjoy both my jobs however I work really weird ho...
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