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Photography Life cycle: Beginer Guide
Recently I have bought a Nokon D7100 DSLR camera. Then started to play with it for some time and started to take photos around the home. Then I realized how interesting it was as I had a passion from childhood for Art which influence for the art of photogra...

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Travel guide to Istanbul, Turkey
Recently I was able to visit Istanbul , Turkey to participate TAD Summit to represent hSenid Mobile Solutions with our API Management platform . During the stay, I was able to visit couple of historical places around Istanbul city in 2 days. I would like to...

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 April Fools' Day pranks that Google has announced for the year 2013.

i. YouTube shutting down : YouTube's ready to select a winner

ii. Treasure Maps : Explore Treasure Mode with Google Maps

iii. Google Nose:

iv. Gmail Blue : Introducing Gmail Blue

Its amazing to see how much commitment and marketing effort they have put on this.

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Coming to your senses: go beyond type, talk, and touch for a new notation of sensation. April 1st Joke .... Google Nose.

Google’s Android team is working on a smartwatch. The report says the device would act as a companion to your smartphone. 
What can we expect from this? Voice interaction, Mesuring the Heart Rate, pedometer, blue tooth compatible to transmit data via Google App

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Did you hear about the Microsoft Windows programmer who died?

He found himself in front of a committee that decides whether you go to Heaven or Hell.

The committee told the programmer he had some say in the matter and asked him if he wanted to see Heaven and Hell before stating his preference.

"Sure," he said, so an angel took him to a place with a sunny beach, volleyball, and rock and roll, where everyone was having a great time.

"Wow!" he exclaimed. "Heaven is great!"

"Wrong," said the angel. "That was Hell. Want to see Heaven?"

"Sure!" So the angel took him to another place. Here a bunch of people were sitting in a park playing bingo and feeding dead pigeons.

"This is Heaven?" asked the Windows programmer.

"Yup," said the angel.

"Then I'll take Hell." Instantly he found himself plunged up to his neck in red-hot lava, with the hosts of the damned in torment around him. "Where's the beach? The music? The volleyball?" he screamed frantically to the angel.

"That was the demo," she replied as she vanished.

Wirth's Law : "Software gets slower, faster than hardware gets faster”
This is one of best excuse, when a marketing guys suggest another cool feature. So just do it...

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Congratulations! Being a Sri Lankan organization providing  HRIS solutions for Sri Lankan Airlines and the Airport and Aviation services, we would like to join hands with all Sri Lankan companies in celebrating the opening of our second International Airport at Mattala. 

First Google Wave, then Google Buzz and now Google Reader is going to discontinue. It is very amazed to see that the discontinuation of very useful Google services as I have used all of them everyday.

Also really exited to see the alternatives for these services and the innovation happen behind it.
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