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Links School Sport Partnership
Links School Sport Partnership to deliver effective sport sessions
Links School Sport Partnership to deliver effective sport sessions

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Lots of pictures from different School Sport projects we have taken part in! #schoolsport #getactive #activekids
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Interesting article related to coaching style
In an upcoming article to be published in Human Kinetics’ International Journal of Sport Communication, Clemson professor Joseph Mazer and undergraduate students Katie Barnes, Alexia Grevious, and Caroline Boger explain that “athletes exposed to a verbally aggressive coach were significantly less motivated and perceived the coach as less credible when compared with athletes who were exposed to a coach who used an affirming style. With respect to credibility, athletes perceived a verbally aggressive coach as significantly less competent, trustworthy, and caring than a coach who used an affirming style.”

The article (“Coach Verbal Aggression: A Case Study Examining Effects on Athlete Motivation and Perceptions of Coach Credibility”) will be published in the June edition of IJSC.

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Take a look at our video for the upcoming Movefest 2013! #getdancing   #movefest2013   #schoolsport

Check out our latest info about the new Sport Premium Initiative! #schoolsports   #youthsports

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