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Ryan Toxopeus
Father, husband, driving researcher, author of A Noble's Quest and A Wizard's Gambit (epic fantasy), gamer
Father, husband, driving researcher, author of A Noble's Quest and A Wizard's Gambit (epic fantasy), gamer


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Welcome to my little corner of Google Plus! My interests are pretty varied, and I have collections dealing with science, gaming, animals, politics, philosophy, religion... and most importantly, writing.

I write mostly fantasy (although I've dabbled in horror [and won Honourable Mention from the L Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest] and science fiction [my short story Carbon Concerns will be published in an online magazine by Dark Helix Press soon]) and the majority of that fantasy writing takes place in Illuma, a world of my creation.

Inspired by D&D campaigns from two decades ago, the stories start with the Empire's Foundation trilogy. Thomas and Sarentha, two lumberjacks, join Eliza, a spirited noblewoman, on an adventure that explores their own lands, and brings them to war across the sea. There are a few shorter works that fit in with the series of novels, and help illuminate some of the events and characters. While they're not necessary to read to understand the novels, they add some extra flavour.

All of this work has gone through extensive editing (usually a developmental editor for the novels and a line editor for everything) because I want to put out quality self-published work.

My suggestion for reading order is as follows:

A Noble's Quest (book 1) - Eliza, Thomas, and Sarentha travel through the Tamorran Empire and beyond, trying to reveal a terrifying truth.

1100 Before Gods' War (short story - originally published by HDWPBooks, hit #1 free download on Amazon) - A minotaur monk works to unite the tribes of his people.

Demon Invasion (novella) - A host of demons invades the world of Illuma.

A Wizard's Gambit (book 2) - Eliza, Thomas, and Sarentha seek to uncover the forgotten history of their people.

Dawn: A dwarven creation story (short story collection) - Four stories illuminate important points in history.

A Hero's Birth (book 3) - Eliza, Thomas, and Sarentha separate to discover more about themselves and the world around them. When they reunite, it's with a mission to vanquish ancient foes.

You can find them all on my Amazon Author page, here:

All titles are available as e-books, and can be found in the Kindle Unlimited system. If you don't have a Kindle but want to read the books, you can get in touch with me as I have epubs and pdfs of the books on my computer that I can send you.

The novels and novella are also available in paperback at Amazon.

You may have noticed a few extra titles on the author page...

Dark Ones ties into the stories listed above, showcasing a different part of the world in a time I haven't explored before. If you've wondered about Ben Okar's ancestry, this story explores where his lineage came from, and ties to other elements in the stories as well.

Macimanito Môswa is the horror short story I mentioned earlier, and is a work of fiction that combines a dream I had about a demonic moose on the highway, and a real experience where our vehicle broke down in the middle of nowhere on a drive up to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Scoundrels is an anthology by Phoenix Quill about not-so-heroic characters. My story Dangers of Tensire is included in that collection, and was inspired by the Legacy of Mana setting for D&D 5e.

If you've enjoyed any of the stories I've written, I'd love to hear from you! Also, a brief review on Amazon and/or Goodreads can go a long way to helping authors get discovered. And there are benefits to reviewing! For instance, three lucky readers received advanced copies of A Hero's Birth because they left reviews for the first two books on Amazon! I'm currently working on the first book in my next series, and I will consider doing the same thing again. It's nice to launch a book with some reviews already attached to it to show people what to expect.

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading! Google Plus is my social media platform of choice, so I look forward to seeing you around here.
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Painted minis tonight and played trivia.

I'm awful at trivia, and usually I might be able to back up a correct answer, but rarely contribute anything unique to the group.

But tonight was Star Wars.

Tonight was the night I was born for.

Oh, you think it's tricky asking what the name of Chewie's homeworld is, demanding correct spelling? Doesn't everyone know that's Kashyyyk? Who did John Boyega first tell about his role in The Force Awakens, after being told not to tell anyone? Please, he tells everyone he told his taxi driver. Lightsaber colours? No problem. Try to throw in a trick question asking about what species Yoda is? I got that.

24/26 tonight. WAY out in front of all the other groups without breaking a sweat.

What questions did I get wrong?

I thought 3P0 knew 3 million forms of communication, not 6. And I didn't realize Darth Maul's double bladed lightsaber showed up in a comic book before Phantom Menace.

So that's $20 for the group.

I'm sure twenty years from now, I will still be kicking myself for answering 3 million instead of 6. 😝
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Harley Davidson is shutting down a US factory and moving jobs to Bangkok after cashing in on Trump’s tax cut...
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Listening to Alden Ehrenreich talk about Solo, I'm REALLY happy that he says Falcon like Harrison Ford as Han. I don't know why, but this is something that matters to me...

When my wife said, "Millennium Falcon" with falcon pronounced "Falcon" instead of "Fallcon," I said, "No, no... it's said, 'Fall-con.' I know that's not the way falcon is pronounced, but it's the way Han says it all the time."
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I'll be interested to see how this plays out in the movie. Also, the R2-D2 sexy scene makes it worth watching this video, all by itself. :D
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Happy Victoria Day!

So nice to have a long weekend... I needed a day off after that busy weekend. :P
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I don't understand the Google algorithms.

I had people +1'ing the posts with the picture saying the cover reveal was coming for A Queen's Edict, but then when I posted the video with the cover reveal, nothing...

Why wouldn't Google make that seen, when it's posted to YouTube, their own company.

It's funny, because people were like, "You should keep sharing this stuff on Google!" What's the point when the algorithm monsters eat the posts? MeWe is far superior in that regard...
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Cover art reveal video for A Queen's Edict!
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+John Lewis, don't say I never did anything for you. ;) hehe
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