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Jo Sutton
23 year old beauty fanatic, learning to live with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
23 year old beauty fanatic, learning to live with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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Guess who's back... back again!

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Week 7 of Recovery
I started week 7 with the cutest present you've ever seen. My friend, Maddy, made me this adorable felt owl phone case - she really ought to set up an Etsy shop for the things she makes because they're all incredible. Me and Mom took the dogs for a walk up ...

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Week 6 of Recovery - WIRES OFF!
Yo everybody! I say this every week but it's another mammoth post. I don't know why I'm always surprised by that as the daily updates were pretty comprehensive and now I'm trying to squish seven of them in to one single post. Oh well! I'm kicking off this w...

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Week 5 of Recovery
Yo! It's another mammoth update post this week but this one will most definitely put a smile on your face because it starts with a tiny puppy! Is there any better way to kick off your week? The puppy in question is called Maisie (Maisy?) and belongs to my f...

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Day 21 of Recovery - 3 Weeks Down!
3 weeks into my recovery means halfway through the wired jaw phase! I'm halfway to eating like a real human again and I can't wait! Today was a bit of a double celebration in terms of happy events because not only did it mark my 3 week post-op point but it ...

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Week 4 of Recovery
Hey all! I decided to stop doing daily update posts from the Week 3 mark as it was all just getting a bit repetitive - woke up, ate soup, felt annoyed, went to bed - you get the picture. From now on I'm going to limit my recovery posts to weekly updates and...

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Day 20 of Recovery
Today I got up early to hit the local car boot sales with Dad and thought I'd take a few photos to show how the bruising looked slightly less obvious and the drain sites were healing nicely. Not really sure why my neck is rivalling that of a giraffe in the ...
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