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I like this, kinda reminds me of you reap what you sow.
this world would b amazing if everyone thought like that!!!!
You took the words right out of my mouth +Sandra Hodge! Life is too short to be negative towards anyone, kindness will get you much further! : )
We would have an amazing world. If everybody thought and acted on it like that?
yeah we would and i hope we all can think like that
we just need to understand that life is a great place everyone and to be ourselves and hope itz great for everyone
ur photo looks like a kid i now. im 16
if you give your life you don't get a new one,,, but all save yours anyways.
YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE?! MAN! i gotta start getting my siblins better presents!
Lool Jakle...I gave love and i got hurt,sometimes you give love and you get nothing,life is too short so save ours lives and stay positives.
sorry i was thinking that i was on a different page
what u give is what u get and if everyone treated each other with respect the whole world would be a better place
If that is the case, I am in for a lot of getting.
give and u will get! give nothing and nothing is what you u will get back
If the air was not on earth what would happend
That is what I mean, I have been giving for over 22 years, the getting should start any day now.
it's settled, judgment day will surely come.
zee key
This is so true
Zoe L-P
soooo amazing....
its about giving out what u want to reveive not getting everytime you give
sometimes its the effort that counts
very very true................
I'm pretty sure this is how the lottery works, right? :-P
i believe that we get because we deserve more than we get what we give !
Yeah thats rite... Donate some u'll get reward xxx
I love that it is awesome!!!!!!!;)
Luv the fourth line we must hve more of it.... everything is given to us by Gods mercy and his grace
true so truuue x0x0x0 mwaaahz
that is so very true and thank u so much for sharing this
That is so very true!
"Giving is a gift and the gift is in the giving." dj nix


so ture, yet some dont understand this,,
The puritan work ethic. I've always thought it was strange that Christians would believe this since it's in direct contradiction with the story of Job.
whats the point of giving it if u just get it again
...and what goes around, comes around.
If this was true way are so many out of work, poor and homeless. The world is not fair it dose not work on a give and take were you do good and you are rewarded, if you think it dose you are naive...You may however find my statement Sad but it is true.
Wow +Robert Simpson that's sad. I hope you have faith in family, in friends. I'm sure you have lived ones that have faith in you.
Also, luck is involved.
Someone said "what's the point in giving if you just get it again?". The point is that we grow as people by giving. And, many times we receive more than we give. 
Yeah, you also need luck for anything that you do to come out well..
Keep the faith strong, hope gods commands be the apple in everyone eyes,cause its the key to a righteous blameless life,love you all
Maybe ... but i do think luck has a lot to do with it.
i dont think luck has to do with anything!!!
Well spoken (or written)
The more I give away the more I will keep. What I try to keep I will end up losing AA 24 hour book
Always give good to expect good to be given to you
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