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nobody cares whether u r sad or upset they r all happy until u start bothering them with ur trouble n pain 
So true. A little kindness goes a long way.
yes, thats wat one shud remember wen all sad n hopeless. that we do not know about the person standing next to us. thn how can we say we are most miserable n all..
such an attitude gives rise to compassion which is a transformation of love of GOD.
be there for people.because you know how it feels when no one is around you.
the thing is, i do know. 
if he or she is your close friends you must know,,,to help them
Yeah that right cause no matter we just say yeah every thing is great 
Or she's just looking in another direction
If that person keeps silence, then how could we know it?? Sharing your problems with people, helps a lot .... !!
It won't hurt to smile to someone next you
this is so tru, sometimes we tend to assume that other people have it easy compared to us or that they dont have problems.. while in actual fact we all have battles that we are fighting, to get through, 
I want to be friends with all of you that have commented positively on this topic for we all feel the same way!
Sometimes we need to just give that few extra minutes and listen, most times we r caught up in our little worlds we don't even notice that someone next to us is trying to say something

This is the best reason to be in, and a active member of a small group, at a local church!
Churches to day are so stuck up.
As long as we always try and just do the next right thing...and come on...common sense is free...everyone around us, in one way or the other, will reap the benefits...
Erm. Didn't R.E.M state this some time ago.???
sorry guys, not true. I think taking the time to have a closer look, or maybe a small conversation might tell you something is wrong with someone. Its just making time to stop and really focus. The world is a busy, rude place these days, And its a real shame.
That is why you should always be witnessing the love of God the only one who can heal your hurt and pain. Then he will teach you to love as he has loved you. God bless you all and remember to always pray for others.
then I'm the real life example.......cause I'm in my own personal HELL right now  and no one even knows it
"we could be standing next to somebody completely broken and not know it"
i think for many
the not even knowing it is more so apathy than awareness to peoples feelings
as in
we dont really give a shit
that is why I always try to say something to those around me, some think I am crazy, but I have had some people start some real good conversations and made friends that way.
this is true. only God knws wats within our heart.
i'm with Brenda there. The only way we know for sure that somebody is upset is if they tell us and they don't lie.
you guys need some god damn self confidence
i dont beleive in god because i dont need a god damn saviour to look up to i get through rough times with sheer ferocity and willpower
and some times optimism
religion is for spineless faggots who dont have much self esteem and need a person to lean on
heres an idea
go lean on your family members or friends
instead of some fake bullshit spagehtti monster
This is dumb. If someone is having a bad time... I can't read minds, and there's no such thing as a mind reader, so if some person is having a bad time he/she just have to TALK about it, and you will see how problems slowly begin to dissapear. If the other person don't wish to talk about it out of shame or wathever, then it's not my problem.
see, our fallen angel here gets it
and two of ye agree
op is really shitty at inspiring us
thats ironic considering the ops alias is fucking "inspiration daily"
maybe they could change it to inspiration voidly
im pretty sure it's easy to spot the homeless and starving...
A battle with ignorance is it.
lol. well I can say this, I never thought I would ever be tagged in a post by the one, who is called Jesus Saviour. I will help anyone I can.
If you want to have friends, BE FRIENDLY.
Maybe true...I noticed people often could be easily detected if they are sad or happy.
there is such thing as a mind reader, he is called darren brown. really good at it too. channel 4 about 9pm.
this is so true this is exactly the reason why you dont judge someone by how they look
If I'm not wearing a tuxedo you can assume I need money, so be a dear and give me some.
we could be in a relationship and don't even know. Jesus knows! He is our help.
If anyone has never seen the movie,'The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter', check it out if you get the chance, it's very much pertinent to this post. Great movie, staring Alan Arkin, made in 1968
Ryenne Jones
hearts dont feel emotion you stutid dunkfunk
brains are responsible for speech
so if it so happens you say something dumb
its because your brain is lacking in intelligence
you cant pin responsibility on your heart because its a red pulsating piece of garbage in your chest with no thoughts of its own whatsoever
sorry to dissapoint you bro
And yet, this can sum up the entire problem with American politics. Everybody thinks everybody else is doing great and they are the only ones hurting, which is all bullshit.
well, everybody experience the hurt... its how we get up and respond to it.. and when we learn from it, we need to help others..
everybody is hurt has pain but tries not  show it
So true... that's why we should have a smile for everyone because we don't know what they're going through. Maybe it'll brighten their day just a little (:
Life always throw curve balls , let's just take a baseball bat and hit that sucker back...... But is so true" I always say that there's a story behind every person..... Lord knows mine :( but that between me and him," there's a reason why they're the way they are. Stop and think about it ¡!¡! So don't judge, We all have the tendency too judge people with out knowing what there going through..... If you don't judge me than I won't jude you !!!
its because we all hide our feelings.  we dont want to look weak so we let if fester inside of us:/
I love this. That's why I try to be kind to everyone, and don't take things personally when someone lashes out.
Very true. Personally I think the most annoying thing you can say is I have been where you are. In truth we all walk our own journeys we all break in different ways and some of us have learned how to live with the destruction others have caused. Your journey is not mine and thankfully my journey is not yours 
well you could tell by there expression, but other then that your right!
I guess this situation exists every other day..
Everybody hurts sometime or another each in their very own universe which is full of darkness and loneliness colliding with others through time until each one of us fades into oblivion.
Is there a way to make sure these stupid things do not ever show up in "explore"? They're so contrived, annoying, and insipid, that it really makes me want to hug an abacus.
true many people walk about with so much and a lot of times you just cant see it written on their faces. that's sad...cos u can't see the pain to even help them
Take time to Care. Someone needs you, today. 
Amy Lee
A bit of sadness, a little vulnerability makes the world more colourful and richer. Even if I am the one with a broken heart. walking among you and living my life as best I can with a smile.
What a bakwas . Every man is independent about his thought and feeling.
Why did they choose that photo ...?
That's why I don't go around trying to bring people down, even though they seem to do it to me all the time. That person could be a train on the verge of falling off a cliff, and one misplaced pebble could be all it takes to send them off the edge.
We can tear down our walls of false security only by the grace of God. It is when we look at ourselves through His eyes that we can see others in the same light.
We will never be lost for we can never be irrapairibly broken.
~ John Green
OH!!! that is ............................................true.
Haha I was thinking the quote would be funny , say for instance in the background someone is in massive pain, but we're all looking at the lady. Lol
I guess it boils down to that ole.... Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. 
And most would not even care if they knew. It doesn't cost a dime to lend an ear and to help raise ones spirit.
Smile at everyone you meet, it may be the only smile they've seen directed at them in years.
When we find someone acting abnormal we should try to find out what is wrong before judging them......
Paula G
i so agree my friends are always say to me (why do you smile alot you must be happy all the time ) little do they know how BROKEN i am.:) no need to show your broken heart ......
so true..............but what can we do.
Very true. My wife hit a pick-up truck in front of her. Terrible for her right? She found out, the couple in the truck had lost their son just a week ago. People hurting are everywhere.
The comments expressed in this seems to be individual opinions. I guess there are a lot of people who care. It's really difficult to be broken and yet avoid exposing it, seems unlikely.
people ccan always be broken and always make them feel welcome or u will regret later
This here is so very true.
Perfectly true......Not every human being can always express how they actually feel wen dey are hurt. So how can the person beside us know this.
Who is the girl? Message me.thanks
my little sister is very sad because her friend they alway judge a book by the cover
For there to be people in this world that are happy, there must be people in this world to be sad that the happy people walk all over, thus there is balance in the world.
munju s
people have become very self-centered now
Why to bothr abt the ppl around... I wil damn cry whn i wish to....
A friend of mine went suicidal a few yrs back but u wouldn't know by standing next 2 her :'(
This is so TRUE.  It's just a shame that strangers will not talk to other strangers.
I think everyone know's when someone is hurting, it's just that some are not intuitive enough to feel it. 
There are so many hurting woman and men out there. God came into my life the day I cried "God, if this is all life is, then I don't want it." I still dealt w/ depression, had the same problems, "I" had to move out of the way for God to do his thing, up's and downs, but now had better tools (God's Words) to handle what life threw my way.'s
I believe some people have the gift to tell how other people are feeling. And some strangers know when other strangers are hurting, some just don't want to try to help. Others ask what's wrong and listen to their problems and if they don't want to talk some just try to be friendly.
Of course we can! Humans have these things called facial expression an body language. You just need to put your smartphone away for a while and pay attention to the people around you.
ur some what reminding me of my tragic midle school days
What's ironic is we teach people how to treat us. So smile more, lend a hand, offer help...who knows you may just need it yourself one day! 
How did you get on my Page as I an pagan and you are cross dragger?
what would make a difference is if anyone actually treated others the they should so they wouldent break them in the first place or make the break even worse.
true story ( ._.)
ya that happn ed to me i was sing on my couch with my friend heart broken and he dint even sya anyhting until he elft
That is so true. We never know what the person standing next to you is thinking or going through.
soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true
That's what makes us all unique individuals and no two people are the same, this we should not judge everyone based on the response of a few.
thats why we need to be careful how we talk,and treat others kindlyand with respect.
@ bonnie dat is true talk
Isha B.
why did u say think about me Isha? wats wrong in ur life?
THe problem isn't that I can't Empathize it's that being empathic hurts me and I do not like pain 
like demi lovato although i never stood next to her but wish i could
i think we don't really know anything but what we assume most of the time. And what we usually assume isn't exactly right. But sometimes it is hard to look past things. We have to at least try everyday to know someone better than just appearance or rumors. Because an individual is made of more than just that.
So true, people keep a lot to them selfs
Iris W
I asked some random people on the train if they were broken after reading this. They thought I'd been smoking crack. >_o
No seriously how is this inspiring, it'd be more likely to make me nervous of talking to people, and what can you do about something no-one's told you about? 
i guess sometime ur the person who's broken too. 
Yeah. Sometimes...
I can always tell when others are broken 
Everyone acts like it is so easy to be nice to everyone it's not easy it's hard that's all I do no one that does what I do some people said suck it up and be nice but it's so much more than that.
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