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Lee YW
Happy Father's Day =) 
I miss my dad so much! RIP Dad! Love you so much!
My dad is my best friend, confidant, life coach, teacher, and best of all hero.
very true. missing him a lot
I so much love him, tnx papa i'l alws owe u love
I love you dad. Miss you since you've been gone. Happy Father's day.
everyone must learn from his father...
I have a litle chance to watch his life.
I missed  my father always
Wish he is Happy in the other world. Happy Father's day.
My father didn't fix my computer for me; he let me watch him fix his, then I fixed my own while he watched in pride :) I <3 you, Dad! Happy Father's Day!
Happy Fathers Day Daddy ! I love you more ! :)
the the best dad in the world happy father's day! i love you :)
Love you daddy. even im miles away frm home you still manage to check on me every single day
HAPPY FATHERZ DAY DAD I luvv u wit all my <3 forever n always no matter howuch bullshitt in our way!!(:
Happy Father`s Day Dad. Love You Always! <3
I just wanted to tell all the dads out there Happy Fathers Day!!!!
Happy Fathers Day to my husband Jerry R .Binyon,Sr. I love you.:-) ;-) 
Happy fathers day to all dads out there 
Happy Father's Day to all the daddy's out there x
i love my father sooooooooo much........
hope i was smart and got the experience  :-)
fathers are our best friends
nice phrase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
father-child relation  hoo 2 aase.
My eyes are wet!! 'coz this is exactly my experience of watching my dad!! AN INCURABLE OPTIMIST and an epitome of SELF-CONFIDENCE AND SELF-RELIANCE, come what may, he can even rise from the ashes like a phoenix!!
i put this on my father's day card
FATHER = Funny, Adorable, Thoughtful, Helpful, Elegant and Reliable.

This is what the word FATHER stands for. 
But the Real Father just means more than words.
Dads are like a ray of sunshine. Always bright
I dont want to live like my father but I do respect his love and careness for me. Love him, love both my parents :)
the positon of dad is very precious  we have to keep it in a valuable place to protect it i love my dad
i just luv u dad ,, u r my everything ..
Happy father's day..
Miss u dad..
OH! Thats why everyone is posting stuffabout fathers! Today is Father's Day!
everythin is about dads 2day...xx
my heart is shaken with tears.
and my dadd???? well he wanted me to become an engineer...but now...when he learnt my passion is literature....he wants me to join literature...yay...i love my relaxed now...MY DADDY ROXX!!
aww... everyone tell your dad "HAPPY FATHERS DAY"
all your post ,it let me think hard what did dad do to teach me... :)
Happy Father's Day everyone to all of the AMAZING dads out there!!
Every dad may not be perfect.. but every dad loves perfectlyy... :)
i was raised by my mom all by i guess..happy father's day to her as well..praises to all single parents..
I've lost my father to a leukemia battle when I was very young. And although I was only able to spend 6 years of my life with him, this rings more than true: he never told me how to live, but watching him do it was the greatest thing I could learn from. And the things I've seen him do still resonate within me today.
Syd W
I love my father. Happy fathers day daddys
my father tell me life is nothing belive.
watching is the most important thing in learning
Syd W
i just wish   he knew how much i loved him an dthat i wishhim a happy faher sday
Warda W
happy fathers day .May God give long life with good health to our fathers.
Happy Father's day to all dads! 😄💋❤
Happy fathers day to all loving dad here...:)
happy fathers day to all the dads out there
happy father's day, and awww the pic is soo cute!!!!!:)
<3 <3 <3
Yesterday, at the dedication of Field No 2 at Alexander Park, named in honour of my Father, Peter Nolan, I said to an Aunt how much I admired her husband Joe, my Father's brother....I mentioned that I could not pin point what I meant exactly, because as a child, IS is what IS is.....but, I think that attached saying tells the story.....Thanks Aunt Jean, for sharing your husband, my Uncle...
same as mine, he was just so cool, he always told me if you want to really learn just stand back and observe, I can proudly say it has served me well, I miss him much.
My dad came from nothing and made everything on his own... I love you daddy<3 happy fathers day:) 
Of course.........Actions speak louder than words :-)
 i could cry thats sooooo sad and happy at the same time
i love  my dad  very  very much
We all love our parents..... Happy father's day to all my friends (:
thats what FATHERS DAY is for HAPPY FATHERS DAY every dad uot there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss u dad. Happy father's day love u always.
My father did not tell me how to live. My mother did that!
yep...and the heavenly father of fathers proved it!!!!
so true dads teach you a lot but not how to live
Nicest thing i've heard in a while, I need to show my dad this.
That is beautiful, too bad more dad's are'nt like that.
Hey!!! My dad did the samething!!!!!!!!! lol!!!!
My dad lost his to cancer several years ago. I miss him very much
speed time with our family and father or dad
Happy Fathers day to all those who are fathers not just sperm donors.
Lou Eva
my mom dad are dovosed so i miss my dad but i stell see him but not that much love this.
Eventhough my father is no more I admire him
my dad lives a great life, so all i need to do is watch and learn
Megan G
now thats my favorite Saying
this is beautifully said!
yes we do ,miss my very much.. he was my best friend.. spen much time you can with your dad when there not here your lost..
Ben Own
Happy fathers day every dad that is on here
Ben Own
I posted a video of battle field 3
Ben Own
My dads in dubi
Ben Own
Come on speake up the lot of you
My father has grown into an older man, but I can still remember him the way he looked when I was young. And through all this time I have learned from him so much. The best thing I learned from my dad is that deep in his heart, he is a good man. I love you, Dad.
i guess... my father did the same thing in his own way of loving me
Dad I miss u ,rip dad......luv u
thats the way to come about love in life of you one with your father
Jim A
My dad taught me that I could not do much. I was there to clean up after those that could do something.
Hey Jim A your dad sounds like mine, except he also said I should have been the boy!
That's what my late wonderful father did. Watch n learn!
I love my fathers... Both biological and mental...
My father want there for me, but I still celebrate with the real fathers
That was good skill I loved its. I hate with talking a lot
Wish i cud say the same for my dad lol
God, sure, Samantha, I guess so. But don't over think this... You don't need a meddlesome Deity in the Sky to explain the fact of your father. Maybe also give a shout out to Cosmic and planetary evolution, a lucky comet/asteroid hit 65 million years ago that hosed the dinosaurs, the catastrophic climate change that got our distant hominid precursors out of the trees and onto the savannas of Africa, and mammalian pair bonding. In addition, your chubby little baby features made you irresistible to the hominid that mated with your mommy once you were born. He was genetically programmed to love and protect you. Let's not even get into how your mommy attracted a mate, natural and organic as that process is. 
That was touching:'( samantha wish i could say the same thing for my dad hope he is in heaven bless him and all of us:-)
I love this quote! Very touching!
Same goes for mom ; here's to  parents and friends who inspire.
Ma Mama really did show me. Hope I make her proud.
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