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first to comment and + 1!!!!
Time is the longest distance between two places.  Share this time with a friend and those you love.
Lee YW
Provided we say them sincerely ... =) 
Uuuhhhh impossible because.... Im just not taken sericelly(lol). So yeah...
when you want time to go fast it goes slow when you want time to go slow it goes fast.
What would we be if there wasnt a telephone
Eve L.A
I agree 100%.  Even if they don't feel for you what you feel for them, it's a peaceful feeling to know they know how you feel and you won't have to wonder.."what if?...
I'm going through this kind of thing. my friend is upset cause i'm moving to my dad's. :( any help?
I forget this until it's too late
maya sp
eso es verdad
yea then you dont feel so bad about calling them a pain in the....
Aint tht the truth....we live in such a fast world with do much tech nology tht we forget the smile or the kind words..
who is that person that is posting that?
Joy Lee
heehee 69th comment
I wonder if bell thought about this quote when he knew Tesla. 
did u no Alexander Graham Bell didnt actually invent the telophone????
Absolutely - look at people, places and things like its your last time. IT changes our perspective about how we treat people (even strangers); when we inhale the fresh air at the ocean or mountains, we can appreciate what's here and now. Tomorrow is a gift ! 
Who cares about what # comment you are? ?
true very very true
but sometimes there might be some1 we wanna tell them but we can't........
oh man! i have somone to talk to!
yeah ..we will..tell some one whi mean to us..:)
Thts so true<3 cuz the guy  i wuz in love wit moved before i tld him how i felt n i found out from a fren he felt the same way about me but it was to late</3
That why i tell the people in my life how much i love them.
so true as we can not turn back time...
life as a tree gowing up fast to reach the curcel ing blue sky s only to touch the star s n they moons on the son .tjcorr true from the hart land nz
Sometimes we loose a relationship just because of not saying things by fear of losing it and eventually we do....:(
That is the very reason for the communication gaps and sometimes losing those very people who mean so much to you, in whom you see your own deepest reflection! It can be any relation or bond, not necessarily the gender one!!
so true... live for the moment, before the moment is gone forever...
that is totally right i mean u don't live forever.
Es muy cierto a veces tenemos al ser amado cerca y pir no decir a tiempo lo que sentimos perdemos una oportunidad para amar y ser amados.
God bless each and everyone of you
i love this its the best 
Yes I love you mom and dad and manuel ,carlos,brianna,bryanna,coco,orlando,fafu,betty,nikki,jr,jose,ana,and,papa rock
ya  its true..................................
Yes time goes by and life is short and very precious too  I always tell my loves one how much they are meant to me....
:)... True... however.. there are times that you have to keep some feelings to yourself for it might be the reason to easily loose those people who means a lot to you.. :(
its very true.. i now regret for not telling the person whom i love most in life that i love him so much .. he has now gone to God and i hope that even though i did not express my love to him when he was here with me, deep inside his heart, he knew how much of love i had for him.. <3
thats such a cute qote! and i agreee its sooo true
Love this message. This is so true. I don't know how many times I have used the excuse that life got too busy and did not get a chance to call you.
Wow thats quite a mouthfull...........................
so true... i know how it feels
Tell 'em often. No regrets that way.
The sneaking away of time is the most invisible crime, bringing away the people meaning a lot to us.
More true than most realize until too late.
such an amazing and love while you are still here.
a well defined statement ..............................................................
Xi Li
we often keep ourselves so busy that we did not take the opportunities to tell our friends....
Why didnt my mother tell me
Can tell if they are worth of saying.... ryt?
just will do that . great thought
the worst moment when ppl leave .... i hate that moment but we need to be ready always ....
Was the the world's first cheesy long distance carrier commercial?
thats really true cuz im in a military family and so we move alot so i dont really tell my friends how much they mean to me until their gone :C
People aren't like this anymore...
有些人只是过客罢了 无所谓啦
i won't miss dat!!!!!!!! ill try!!!
very true, its good to know dat sme1 loves u nd that u r appreciated
If we meet and you forget me, you have lost nothing; but if you meet JESUS CHRIST and forget HIM you have lost everything.
this quote is quite true indeed, and i do stick by that. i know how fast time goes, and for some reason it gets faster as you grow older???
its true bt opportunities do not come eazy.
sometimes it is too late to remeber
sometimes its hard to tell people how u feel
appreciate the time that goes by... never miss the opportunity to tell the people that deserve how much they mean to you
What would have happened if I had just said "hi". 
boooooooring!!! i ht ppl who give these kind of boring sayings no wonder i hate the bell guy;)
i liked it life is too short and before you know it goodbye
wow i never thought of it that way...well u know what people say..YOLO
yeah... i wudnt mind it being the other way round though
i don't have to worry about that since i don!t have anyone in particualr to hold on to but it is pretty true
with saying i love you, support each other mentally.
Forever inwork . . .

Illusion of time . . .
Seconds vanish -
only shadows of people, things passed
Hazy blue nostalgia clouds thouhts
Rosy memories
like balloons at childen's parties
Float around through space and mind
Only to disappear in the milky fog unti
the next momentous breach severs the reverie.

(c) Maris B. Mohr
10.2.12 / 12.7.12
"Just ring them on my new invention..."
thats so true,everytime u see them tell them how much u love.
Was that a slogan to sell telephones?
that's like my new motto!!!!!!!!!!!
but those people not remain special forever!!!
people come & go in your life ....."Why blame anyone in our life..? When good people give happiness, bad people give experience, worst people give a lesson and best people give us memories ...
but still sometimes you never realize that those specail people are getting away from you and you even care that time
It'really true because life is too short to miss telling how much you love someone
Yesterday it is gone, tomorrow might not come for us, today is the only chance we have, let us not waste time.
Reconcile with men, and with God.
It is totally true how life is.Just not enough time to spent with people you love
Missing opportunities let us losing happy moment's
No 2nd chance to get time back
Yoy have to live every moment like it is your last. Take the time to give the gift of yourself. That eye to eye face to face would really make someones day!! Be Blessed!
hats off to alexander graham bell.....!!
hhh... yep never miss the chance to tell them what they mean to u... i know that after i made that mistake and im still sorry that i missed my chance all thoughs years ago. and now id hate to see someone make the same mistake as i did.
enjoy each n every moment of ur life , nvr let ur frnds to muv away frm ur life.
“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
wow. that is really sentamental
i like this saying very much
its not cool or true, u have  2 understand it.
Don't worry!..I will never miss any of it, even a single things. That's the truth from me.
what if they mean something then back stab u ????
Love mum!!! thanks for everything u did for me^^
true, i didnt tell this person how i felt and now im regretting it all my life sigh
catch the moments
This is such a beautiful quote, it's a good job I tell my love how much my angel means to me ❤
o my goodness....that is so ture i speak from personal experience:/
so true, tell them everyday that you love and care about them, you never know if today is their last
100% The truth,not jst brilliant words,thats why we must remember.
a'wah, so true love this so much ;') x
obiously tim goes so fast nd tim cannot wait anyone;;;;;;mind it!!!!
Isha B.
I try and tell my mom I love her everyday at least ten times so by the time her days are almost gone, she'll remember that I always loved her, no matter how cranky or mean I got.
Eve L.A
Danielle Lassey....very true!!!
...and to ask them if they could stay a little longer- just this lifetime. 
very true, that's why we should slow down in our fast paced societies. 
Gul Su
cute is that fier flies or stars
True, reveal urself with passion and affection !
(*)> dey neva giv opportunity at times!!!!
That is soooo sweet that I might print it out and stick it on my room wall...
People if you want real insights not just pretty pictures with insightful quotes than follow me or what ever it is you do here 
really touched my heart, i love this quotes!!!!  they really inspire me every day:)
This i know to be the truest quote ive ever read make sure your loved oned know theres loved
How true.  Some great quotes in your postings.
Never let the opportunity pass grab it for chances that will never come back again
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