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This was one of my motto's in english a couple of weeks ago
Ppl call me crazy cuz i dont listen to most mainstream music(nikki manaj, emiem, maroon 5,etc). Im the weirdest of my class. But i rly dont care. This quote helps me thru life. <3
You should never pretend to be something your not. Embrace your individuality people! 
Life is what you make of it..... Follow your gut instinct, and your own path will be created. Your path stops, when you stop.
At the fork in the road I go straight
Leave a trail? Why would I leave a trail. I don't want you people following me.
What about that old Boy Scout saying: "Leave no trace"?
Elsa F.
I like this. A lot. :) Very inspiring. Living up to your user name, are we? ;)
lisa li
i will stick to my own path thank you very much.
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This quote was on the back of my National Honor Society (NHS) Tshirt!
pa wee
b pioneer...legit
To be inspired every is great, Thank you. Putting those inspiration at work is going to be awesome.

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i think it was suppose to say, do not follow where the path may lead, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail.
Basho's Footprint

Seek what's been sought by the wise in texts of glowing poetry, in deep-
singed blues
in crypt-hewn runes,
in deepest breath turned inward, surprising miles of memory
in whispered library words
by monks solitary 
in solidarity with Muse
who wanders through all time, e-motion, all need for meaning
Seek where your living leads
expecting not, nor pleading for
rejecting not, nor bleeding for
with eyes, with mind, with hands
The National Parks Service does not approve of this message. 
I would, but I'm not a fan of nature and wildlife...:)
Yep! Blaze your own trail.
and find your own true special self!
thats me
i never follow a trail i make my own
and then i get in trouble for it
This is a Great one,this 2 I can relate 2!
and an infinite variation of possibilities!
my brother has a shirt that says that.
I like it I am usually on wrong one... love light
Very cool.  But I try not to leave a trail if Predator's following.
This is great and thanks I love to inspire and make people smile but far from being retired  so smile like there is no tomarrow
Just remember to pack out what you pack in.
Quote by Muriel Strode I believe! My favourite!
Wen a man feels he is been humiliated by d one he so much luvs, wat does he do?.
Hana B
"Take the road less traveled" Comes to mind as I read this quote.
This is how people become lost in the woods. I understand the idea that this is supposed to be inspirational and all, but paths exist for a reason namely because they go somewhere.
Good words if used properly and similar to the poet R. Frost's theme...."two roads diverged in a yellow wood.. And I took the one less travelled by."
Well we all go the easy way follow
Instead let follow
its always better to follow a path with teachers!
I can't remember who said that, but I love that poem. ^^
i once did that in utah thankfully i pre-recorded the coordinates of my cabin
Awesom, this is the path of all achievers,history makers, and all successful ppl in lyf...
Don't walk on the path men always follow, instead make your own...coz one day you will be known for making a different and bold choice
Good idea to leave a trail, so you can find your way back if you effed up.
leave a good trail a good reputation for others to see you made it in this life and never follow people on the wrong path
heard it before but really nice.
Be a trailblazer  !
sounds like something jack the ripper might have wrote 
Been there, and Done that a few times, and got lost....
People saying you will get lost... You will get more lost if you follow the crowd!
whoever follows this advice will first be labelled as an abnormal n later will be known as a hero.
Everyone wants to be a leader, who would want to be a follower?
In the words of Loa Tzu, Know the white, yet keep to the black:
be a pattern for the world.
unfortunately it's a picture, so I can't copy and paste that on my twitter.
words to live by but make the trail you leave a good 1
is it just me or does this remind anybody else bout bush-wacking???
I agree Alexandra and he's left a trail. He's beautiful footprints that we need to follow.
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