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Pedro Leiria
if we would stop and think, that wouldn't happen
hi..Rylee...looking adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!
do you want me to show you how to chat in Gtalk?? :D:D:D
Rylee..Wht do you do? you are from whre?
Relaxxx :D Rylee are you angry about this?
You going to skl...hahahhHahah Lol
that's true!!!me too but i still confused
It made fun for all of you..hahahha<``..">
bcoz nobody is understanding there whts happeing even you hahhahha<``..">
Ik someones saying go on guys and were just talking...
Okkkyyyyyyy am going...TC bye have fun..
The sick, dark truth of human nature.
it is  like we chose to take chili instead of honey :)
Yeah it is ironic..that is human nature,well i think i have been that way too..
Men kook up higher .they seek the things they adore but haven´t get yet
Keep pursuing ,keep losing
and me too!!! we forgot those who are true to us... and sometimes, we are taken for granted by the people we love... not knowing that love also fades...
yeah its true that we lose gud one once
I believe it is very deep, meaningful, and someone very wise through deep trenches have climbed in life to express it so simply. 
Its the reality of life ....
Yes , it is reality of life when we let our hearts control us instead of our minds
the more we love the more we hurt
when we put all our love to 1 people, we became selfish , the more we become , the more we recognize the ignorant, the more we feel the more we up set the more we ruin our love, and the more we regret, the more we hold back , the more we hold back the mort we hurt and be hurt
Our hearts when in control of the most the
end.....Our minds are an enclosed battlefield for the deception of our
enemy to attach and attack...... Leading many from a compassionate heart to
a compromised one!!
I think it's human nature, sad though!
dunno why..really ironic
I don't think you can love the one who hurts us! That is not possible. But you can ignore them. You cannot ignore people who loves you (you can pretend to ignore)
So true! WTH!? Human nature is messed up!
Not tru for every1....i always return the love of loving people but hate to go after uncaring ones :))
The first line instantly filled my silly head with Alanis Morissette's "Ironic" :D I love this post, so true. I hate that a person's instinct is to do the opposite of what a sane person is imagined to do. It frustrates me all the damn time, I'm like "Damn, this dude has some serious anger issues", and yet I still love him too much to let him go. (until a few minutes ago when I read this post and I was like "damn, he's bad for me". I called him and said "come over to my place, we need to talk." Then I told him "I'm breaking up with you" and he was all like "that's why you dragged me out here? You had me on the phone, you know". I said "but I hate breaking up with someone on the phone, it only is detrimental to the health of both parties". Then he left. I must admit, I'm kinda happy without him)
It's one of the Ultimate Ironies!
I love a Christian girl but my mum rejects her. How?
We are living in a hypocrisy, the collective projection of society, and society has double standards...
We shouldn't follow love, let love follow us. Wait for love to love....
Very sad thing...
But most of us practice without realising the folly.....:((
that's true....dam y did it happen ????!!!!
guy yak
and what is inspirational about such a post | just love me or leave | and put on doris day if you even have to consider the choice |
We should strive to shift that paradigm
Speak for yourself, note-writer. I choose to do the opposite when possible.
It's true if you let it to be true!
I like very much love who loves me, love who adores me and speak with someone who hurts me!
get over urself. i mean thats life.
Absolutly right! This is the human nature.
well personally i don`t think it`s ironic. the thing is we just want to believe things that we want to no matter how impossible they seem.we are ignorant too which is why we find ourselves in these situations
I think if that is true I should follow john carter I

maybe you do but you can't speak for everyone.
The horses name was Friday!
Also I love breadsticks 
reaally trruuuee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soooooo true, feel for you asiya
True....hey i need friends on g+ i have a lame 6 lolfriend meeeeee ha so lame
Why was "who"changed to "that" at the end?
true true true , often its like that , so so painful whe it happens to us .
Wonderfully said.
We all are capable of the opposite of this. All we need is to love what we have. The grass should not always look greener on the other side. The glass needs to be half full not half empty! We as people need to adore and fix what we have. Too many people today give up so easy on Love and in life in general.
nancy drew its a piece of paper give it a break.
I agree with rishabh yadav!!!!
only if you're a cunt. 
Damn right<<>> but it sucks!!!
so essentially, this picture is of someone admitting that they are a brainless ass?
Forgive those who hurt you,
Ignore, adore and hurt no one
Love them all
oh really, u must look after n be strong n friends n familes. god bless.:-)
oh really, u must look after n be strong n friends n familes. god bless.:-)
Is that like rain on your wedding day? A free tide when you've already paid?
Nancy drew i say its true<<>>
How the heck is this suppose to be inspirational?
I think that has happened at least once in our lives for most of us.
It's true sometimes. I have been working on this, it's always a work in progress with myself. Knowing you have things to work on, I find, and taking steps to become a better person, makes u have a more lovable soul.
People say that we cant live without love but i think oxygen is more important<<<>>
its nice,its kind of soothing but at the same time not
i know there is no reason u should've understood any of that
It is one of the real human characters, to love those who hurt and hate you....
Sometimes its lack of paying attention to who is doing what and we reciprocate the behavior
Nancy drew the one who kidnaped u,,, he is not ur lover we also agree with u but the one who loves u
no, no, no and no. but i know what you mean. i see people doing this all the time and it drives me nuts. i'm nice to everyone or at least reasonable with them and in return i get shit upon. i'm glad i have a social disorder if this is what normal eople do
How a kidnaper be the lover??
its like raaaaaaaaaiiiiiiin on your wedding day!!
(sorry i had to)
nice quote tho
"Now drop your panties" in Sean Connery voice.
Ya 200% agree with you nancy drew
munju s
"We flatter those we scarsely meet,
And please the fleeting guest,
But deal fullwell a thoughtles blow,
On those we love the best"
Sometimes we do for the sake of others. Sometimes, it just happens ;-(. We dont have any right to hate or hurt any1. but still.........
This is the reality of our society and that is the sad thing...
i just wish to solve every ones problems! I wana help people! I want to be friends with all
so true an in line with my experience
You welcome nancy all the tym
This is very true, even within family enclaves, (so perplexing is human nature) even animals don't act like that.
At first everyone fshio but in the end thy make shit ont m i right??
one of my dads freinds does a daily inspartion thing its funny
i have only experienced the second and third lines....
Sory misspelled i mean everyone wants friendship but in the end thy make shit on it...nancy drew
These statements are only true for those who do not care for anyone but themselves. They can only be true if you don't truely care fore anyone but yourself. If you have experienced any of these things... You are a shallow, self centered, egotistical and damaged human being.
yes it is true that we love someone who hurts but if it doesn't hurt then there might be no love at all. and we hurt them who loves because we don't love them and they get hurt by default...
Ohhhhoooo taya everyone is bored go close ur eyes nd sleep
i lalala love that quote it is so true
I think you mean: "Isn't it Idiotic. . . "
As much a fact as any, and a fact so many could do with. I know I could. 
I'm just speechless..
Its too ironic I understand that we hurt our love but our love hurts us kinda what goes round comes round but would always have respect for those in my highly respected friends regardless of how long its been or how far we are
that makes so much sense now that i look at it
It's not irony it's Human Nature
That's not irony, that's stupidity. #thinkbeforeyouact
If we love the ones that love us, maybe we'll be happier.
another quote that is true until you are safe and happy within yourself.  One must love oneself in order to love another...
i hate to hurt the people dat who loves me......
I don't. Have a good day. : )
Shouldn't we adjust the terms then? "love the ones who hurt us" -- either it ain't "love" or it - "hurting".
unfortunately,most of the times it is happening...sad

Wake up each day thankful for yet another opportunity to love, and be loved!!!!!
That is why you have to change the psychology of your mindset.  Takes time to master, but is worth it.
True true.... i adore Ben and Jerry's but they don't adore my bowels lol
The closer you are, the worse you're treated. The closer people are to you, the worse you treat them. Accept this and move on :)
hi guys i hope you like it from
And we are merely players. The folly of humanity
If I may add-on, we don't notice when they're (husband, wife, etc) in front of us until they leave/died. I always and always reminding myself about this, result -- I treasure them everyday : )
It's our life what can we do ? Nothing !
That is something that when you read it , it can change your life
이게 왜 true 야!ㅋㅋ
I agree to this, so true.
well, its natural, you dont know  what you did  till someone gets hurt and thats when you know that that someone is important to you....
WOW that is so true and sad!! what can we do to stop this from continuing to happen
Ain't it the truth, so deep and so very true !!!!
really..i agreed...
this is the best saying that there is
This is so true very true! very ironic indeed...
This is the wallpaper on my iPod!!
its true I agree but its not good
A very true statement.  This incident in Colorado does nothing else, it should make us appreciate what we have.
Very true, sadly to say....
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