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I love this wicked / witty quote!!
impressive and expressive quote,really touch deep to inspire.
Last night after work a storm was rolling in, I was walking through the rain and saw lightening in the distance.  Then I was surrounded by the sound of thunder.  But that couple of seconds in between the Lightening and the Thunder was like walking through a dream, or a Sci-Fi Movie.  It was really, really cool.
hmmm... i might just try that instead of what iv always done witch is surviveing the storm cuz its never ended and i dont think it will anytime soon so i might as well give it a shot. thanks
yeah and moving the right steps again
wt if the storm takes me while i'm dancing should i keep dancing or shall i stop?
yes, we need to dance and  feel good in the rain 
We all need to dance in the rain. Looks like my grand daughter. Love it.
Enjoy dancing in the rain since childhood - amazing feeling, taking life as it is.
If u keep waiting on the storm to pass you will always be waiting cuz there is always another one just beyond the horizon so don't just stand around n wait dance while u have the chance!
Sometimes rainny days are happy days.
I dance in the rain. I also sing in the rain :D
Come join me imma go dance in the rain xo
I just love rain, really what its written
waiting is boring indeed, sooo yes must move constantly.
That is so true。Becuae the storm perhaps never pass。
 if we only wait for it to be over, then we'll be constantly reminded.
Luv it first rain in monthes came yesterday was dancing till it pasted
I also luv Tstorms. ⚡theyre my fav. I caught a pic of lightning once. 
If u wait for storm to pass out, it will be useless... because when storm will be over, util then u may have loose some of ur precious thing... so its better to face storm so u can save some of ur precious things.
This is very applicable in an Irish summer...
den you get wet fo no reasun and yo mammy be whooped yo anus fo dat shit
dats cool, but bein wet powers my mammy and her switch
Insisted on wet walks in the rain with Daddy at weekends when I was a young child.  Great fun
i love to dance in the rain, its sooo sooo awsm, i like too feel the by closing my eyes, feeling every drop of rain.... its really awsm, i think evry 1 should try it...
Mom used to dance and sing in the rain with me, encouraging me to play and enjoy long as there was no lightning.
+Ladonia Nanny ur mom whips u? Is that like child abuse or something? Or does she ground u :P 
When i went to america i stood besode george sampson he got to dance in the rain with me ;p
I luv to dance in the rain but that's so true 
Isn't this a song? Cuz these were like the lyrics in one of my schools songs like for chorus 
i love that saying i even have that saying above my bed
This is my favorite quote! I LOVE dancing in the rain! especially with my boyfriend ;D Love you babe!
drench me in vanilla twilight then,let it rain all over me
not if you get hypothermia. 
Yes' "patient" ........breathe in breathe out and take 1 day at a time and just dance in the rain!!!! ~ t ;)
Guys pls add me im a model and i sexy photoshoots
u got that right, dancing in the rain always makes me feel better
I was running in the rain yesterday and I have to admit, it was fun!! Letting the inner child in me come-out was very refreshing....From now on when my kids want to go and play in the rain, I will join them instead yelling and getting upset at them. They only get to be kids once!!!!!
Am singing in the rain and enjoy every bits til it stop...
Until you get struck by lightning....
Soph K
Yup totally
life is like a drop of water so just enjoy the life just enjoy the each drop of minute
When I was a child I would get on my bike and ride in the rain. As an adult, when I lived in Seattle, I had no choice but to be out in the rain. I loved it. Living in San Diego, I miss the rain, and love the days it is here. Life happens, you have to live it, rain or shine, you only get today!
life is more precious than life so use it nd enjoy it  in right way...........
As long as the rain's semi-warm. I've never actually experienced this, so rather than dancing, I'll curl up inside and get other things done.. then when the sun comes out, I'll play!
That is me I love to dance in the rain yes I love it too.
Carlo W
Who +1's this crap?
I am +1 this too because it's not crap - it's a good positive message :-D
Storm doesn't let u wait but enjoying the moment can be. felt even in the hardest times
So true:) that's a cute picture as well:)
that is true and dancing in the rain souds like fun
lets go dancing in the rain right now.....shall we?
Dance when skies are troubled, when skies are clear you will have no fears, live happy 
Learning to dance is a good idea, but be careful!!!! You can slip and fall, and worse is if you break something.
Learn how to hold an umbrella,...... Might be safer.
omg i luv dancing in th rain!!!! but only wen its warm out...
Dina A
yes u right
it`s  a good feeling
The ability to expose joy in the most profound, organic way
I love dancing in the rain! -^____^-
well not that kind of dancing only pop
Me too it is raining now and I am dancing
This illustration reminds me of my daughter who was abducted and murdered at 15. That year Hope You will Dance came out and helped us through a very SAD time. It made us realize we have many GOOD memories to remember her by and that she is dancing in the next stage of her journey.
I do that in the rain too!
yeah, after i lost mine baby at 3 months after birth, i thought i couldn't bear. but life is all about dancing even it is raining heavily
Dancing in rain, what a glorious feeling!! :)
But a storm and rain are not exactly the same right ?
This is my favorite quote of all times!!
Sush R
I love this!
Be grateful for each & everything that u have.
I miss dancing in the desert thunderstorms with my girls
Aya km
Nice one 
i love dancing!!!!!!!! n rain!!!! wow!!!!!!!!
And then having to replace your cell phone 'cause you forgot it was in your pocket and now it's ruined.
Thursday, November 5, 2009 9:38 AM, EST
There is no easy way to let everyone know. With much sorrow and emptiness in my heart, Wendy passed quietly and comfortably in her home yesterday morning. She got to see her brother one last time and stayed long enough to see each of the kids off to school for the day. What an incredible Mother to her children!……….I spent a long time last night reading all the wonderful, encouraging, loving thoughts and prayers you all have shared over the years. I keep telling the kids that we can be sad for what we lost, but we can never forget what Wendy gave us, love unconditionally, support continually, and a positive, upbeat outlook on everything and everyone. I am going to close with the motto Wendy adopted when she first began this Journey "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to's about learning to dance in the rain"
I've taught my daughters not to be afraid of the can have some of the most fun those days :) cute share <3
Thank God we are actually able to dance in the rain today. It has rained all in the Indiana drought zone
One thing, and perhaps the only thing, we have any control over is our attitude.
Glad you got your rain there!We had a dry spell for a while but in the last week or so we have had some rain each day,God does take care of His earth.
Oh to be young and carefree again, nowadays I avoid the rain if I can,lol, and we've had a LOT of it in the UK.
very very very beautiful
thankyou for adding millions of smile
i luv to danc in the rain... Its an awsm feeling..
This is true. I like it. We are refined by our trials or "storms"
I would love to dance in rain .....:-)
best ever thing to do before im grounded
Sush R
I'm completely in this mindset at the moment. I ♥ life!
i love dancing and the sweet sent of the rain
Once my mom accidentally locked me out of our apartment in the middle of a thunder storm. I was totally enjoying having people look at me like I was a crazy lunatic (I WAS dancing like one after all) through their windows, until a very large oak tree fell on a car across the street. 
i love dancing in the rain it makes me feel happy
I love that.. Thats so sweet,, Well and cute..
My favorite when I saw this. May I quote it
and then get struck by lightning and your dead body gets torn apart by softball size hail...............just wait for the storm to pass
One of my favorites
It's all in the rhythm of things...Embrace it fully.
that is so true it is not dancing is somthing u love or like to do it's in your blood
I miss dancing in the rain....stupid water allergy ruining all the good things like baths and rain dancing
hi Miss. Smiles ( Ashley)...please add me
i love to do that!!!!  :) lol
I love the rain.  It washes the earth.  It is invigorating to walk or run in the rain.  I buy umbrellas but rarely use them.
I needed this one on this day at this time. Thanks this is a great one
I've been dancing in the rain since I was born. BOYAAAH!
hey what are you people  talking about
This explains why I feel an urge to dance in the rain 
Rain can be a blessing and a curse, When you are from a place where it floods every rainy day,u can't tell a dude in the sahara that rain can be a menace!
My baby cousin sings this song " I'm singin in the rain"
Nice quote. Strong words. 
SOoo True!♥ It's about injoing ur life, even in the bad times...
I love the words they could express people's feelings nice (what the hell, this is fucking cheesy)
An Krys
The picture does it more than the words.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Ahhh youth...thank goodness I never grew up!  :)
As they say "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!"
life is about not catching pneumonia from dancing in the rain
love it when i was a little girl i used to dance in the rain now Im 45 i think next time it rains Im going dancing ha-ha!!!
i am beginning to realize that as I get older
Those that think this sound bite of wisdom is "so right" or "so true", probably aren't up to their arm pits in crap right now. Btw, for the folks that always comment, "true"...quit it. You just take up a comment spot without contributing. If you like it, +1 it. You want some "true" wisdom? Dancing in the rain during a storm will get you struck by lightning. EoR for now.
think we will need to learn to dance this summer:)
love this picture :) makes me smile 
That is a nice mesage to send to other people out there
That reminds me of the movie Singin' in The Rain!!! :)
This is the way to view life. More of us need to dance in the rain,I am off to dance! SMILE
i love dancing i would do it in the rain too if i could1
It is always raining, so I hope you learn to dance in the rain.  Life is about living through the pneumonia you catch dancing in the rain.  Risk is required when learning to dance, rain or no rain, but after many years on the earth, I can testify that it is always raining to some extent or another.  There's no way around it.  To dance - not to dance-  is a  decision you have a choice about, you just can't allow the rain to stop you from making a choice.
Ah yes it is what you learn while the rain is pouring and who you lean on that makes the storm pass.
What a great saying, you could live a wonderful life on that thought alone.
That is the truth in so many ways I wish the rest of the people in the world thought like that to. What a happier place it would be.
sun ray
i like dancing in the rain
Honesty is the best Policy.It is my nature.But i love's frinde's....
...and catching a cold, then death.
so true, we have to face difficulty to find an opportunity.
i am a dancer so i totally agree!
Very true!  If you don't face the difficulties in life, you'll never see the opportunity to learn and grow from it.  It's what you do with the opportunity that will make or break you now and in the future!
I first heard this from Greg Plitt on YouTube.
WOW...!!! I LOVE THIS ♥ IT IS SO TRUE :) its so hard to jump out in the rain so times :) But I no it is what I need to do...!!! Thanks I so needed to be reminded :) Nancy♥†♥ 
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