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Is it right to be possessive - to claim someone as your own?
I suppose this philosophy only applies to men.
For one man ,one woman is quite agreeable as a wife.But some special type of social situation exceptions need to be allowed.
Faithful men may be on the endangered species list, but we are not yet extinct.
an optimist thought in a pessimist world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
really hard to find a real men now a day , or maybe he live in some hole some where. 
BUT...what about women
LOL what a load of crap, the word here is double standards if women can admire a man while in a relationship and still stay loyal a man can admire a woman without straying. But go in a relationship with this attitude... Well good luck to guy! 
Is it the same if he is constantly searching, adding n msging women on his facebook site? 
Real men or women stay married for life and do not use any excuse to end their marriage, they sort their problems out no matter what it takes.
Ess Dee
This post is a set up to start some good old fashion bickering
Guess lot brothers need help finding new ways
REAL MEN are in for the long haul...till the end actually.
Mike J.
A noble concept...although it's a little too gender-binary for my tastes.
Of course,

"A real person is faithful to all their loves, finding new ways to love them while respecting their boundaries and honoring the commitments they make"

is a bit too wordy to put on a meme.
Men can have time to look for another women and looking for new ways to love their own at the same time, don't be romantic...
People don't think this is true because the majority of our country would rather have a quick and easy relationship than a long-term committed one. There are plenty of people who aren't like this though. 
Keilah Davis:... and the majority of our country would rather have an unhealthy fast food burger rather than a joyous, friendly, warm and gorgeous dinner, therefore I'm glad to belong to the minority. Have a nice day!
my reall man is faithful. he never looks at other prettier women with so much love in his eyes as when he looks at me.  I love u matt<3
The dumbest shit I've ever read.....
If your wife is a real woman she will make you very happy in return. Yes, I am a very happy real man and proud of it!
The day I stop looking is the I'll be in the grave!
this is great. does anyone know how I can download it and use it at church on sunday.
Yup. Love the guy I am with...Only guy in thirty years that treats me like a queen.
Wow! What a profound statement. This can definitely apply to women as well. Imagine if everyone lived up to this, how much happiness and less divorce there would be.
The fact of the matter is: Men can deny themselves, if they choose. Not very agreeable to most women or this steaming pile of cheese, but there it is.
If we all strive to be like this! How wonderful life could be.
i hope all men is like that... they to much busy to find ways how to fall in love in their love one's again and again...
G+ sure get's contaminated with utter drivel every now and then. This is a good example of it...

In Africa Real Men have at least three wives. No less. In "western civ's" you (officially) have one. Not so long ago, (in the grand scheme of things), you would have whatever you could take ;-)
On u go pal I totally agree I trust ma hunky lad wiv my liife
wow..hope someone could show me that this quote is real..
I'm happy to have a man like this.
I learnt this lesson and take it to heart...since I donot have a woman by my side right now, as a real man, I am available. When she and I get together, she is gonna know everyday and night.
Ja ffy
i love that
Cheating is becoming the norm forthe younger generation of men. Which is why girls have started to accept it. But as already stated it only happens because women put up with it.. Ladies put in some work and get your guys to be faithful! A good man is one that will be there no matter what! Just like mine!
In my world there are no problems just complications, which a resolution can be made if one were to try.
not everyone is that way incline but i agree.
I wish every guy addicted to pornography could see this and realize the pain of knowing your spouse is a cheater of the Heart!
everybody is this world want be founding love but founding true love have very difficult
Real Men like this are like Dinosaurs... Extinct
Hope everyone realizes that the faithful ones are never available :)
then it called blind love...
Will let us have a look at such a rare creature u r describing above if it happens & u ve found one?:-D:-D
Imposing unfair double standards like these on men only, is what makes them cheat. How about this:REAL PARTNERS STAY FAITHFUL. THEY DON'T HAVE TIME TO LOOK FOR OTHER LOVERS BECAUSE....
Yes it is for I have one of those guys and for the prior comment that is untrue, real men do want to find news ways to love their own. I have been married to one of these guys and know quite a few well I guess a lot of these kind of men.
that's right real men & women going for extinction in near future....
cant blame them - too many really hot babes out there... these things happen... nothing new... besides women are equally guilty... all big deal..
Thank the Lord all men need to do this.
I found one 32 yrs ago. And he is still finding ways to love me and make me happy. I love him very much.  :)
That is strange:" Looking for new ways to love their own." How many ways are there?
coming up on twenty years of marriage the 26 of this month,never felt the need to look elsewhere
Lisa T
how does it feel to be married for twenty yuears?
looking for a real man like this
Every girl swears there isn't and when you do find him... He looks like the bottom of your foot lol.. (woomp woomp woomp )
that says it- there are only a few real men
AWESOME .............................
Its funny that I see this after it was discovered that a friend of mine was unfaithful to his fiance. His fiance is my fiance's best friend. So there's truth to this saying. It happens the other way around too, so it can go the other way. But its almost divine that I see this now after what's happened. Wish he would have seen this before he decided be unfaithful. Of course, there are past behavior patterns that suggest he's been unfaithful the better part of their 9 year relationship. It saddens me when we witness something as tragic as this happen so close to home. Same thing happened with one of my parents friends.

And to the other comments saying that 'we' don't exists or that its unreasonable to be with just one person or that its ok to admire multiple loves - I've been with my beloved going on 14 years, now recently engaged. She's my high school sweet heart and my best friend, and I look forward to spending the rest of my days with her vowing to be with her for better or for worse, forsaking all others, until God takes us. =)
Jenny A
when was this ever true? Seems like all the men I ever meet are jackasses that want to hop in bed at a moment's notice. The good ones you actually want to make time for are either married or gay.
So true ! I love this! Time for men to really be the man! Love yor woman as God love us. Unconditionally.
awww that's my hubby.....

+Jenny Adams Men are jacks, don't worry you'll find the right one... I have faith in you :)
Conduct yourself in the manner with which you deserve to be treated by someone and they will present themself to you. If you want the best for yourself wait for the best, don't settle.
Her hopes and dreams became my goals just as my aspirations became hers. Her health (physical and mental) are my concern just as she cares for me. 

the two become one flesh.

If my foot gives me trouble, I don't find another. I vowed to love her as I love myself. If I stray and violate my vows I am not only an adulterer but a liar and another woman would be a fool to believe I would treat her any differently. (roles reversible)
I have had that such man for the last 30 years.  It may be hard to find but it will be well worth it in the end.  Do not ever give up the search
where can i find one?????
Too many women and men are settling for whatever comes along instead of waiting for the best. Pray for GOD to lead you to that special someone and you will know when you find them,your heart will tell you. I met my husband when I was 14yrs old and knew he was the one . and we have been married for 43yrs. real love is not lust and lust is not love. just because he or she is ''hot'' does not mean they are right for you. sure its a plus but gravity takes hold of your body  and things start to sag, hang , and droop and get wrinkles. but if you can still see that person as you first saw them and all their faults are just little things then it is love. something to think about!!!!
Awwh...... Falling for the same person again and everytime. Nice thought.
I think we should fully understand the difference between lust before settling because if the relationship is based on lust it won't work out.
Lust and love r totally different
ya this quality makes a men different & attractive
On a second thought, real man now a days exist in movies or difficult to find.
a true love is a beautiful thing witch leads to a beautiful marriage 

which yields a beautiful life
Fake boobs, fake hair, fake nails, and they want a REAL man?  Suddenly the modern woman wants a man from the 50's.
Damn polygamist!
Always out doing the regular folk.
so true thx for tellin the truth
Being with my husband for since I was 15 years old... My generation is very 'un-faithful'... So rare to be together & make things work... We have never run away from our problems or thought that the solution lies in someone else's arms... We have learned that even so called 'friends' have tried to break us apart or cause drama to push us to break up.... Marriage is WORK... Not a vaca or some romance novel... It takes two, not just the man.... I work everyday on being a good wife, lover, & best friend.
Love is a beautiful thing, maybe you should learn to embrace it. And stop being so technical.
People wonder why women who sleep around are sluts but men are praised. Well, a key that can open many locks is called a master key. A lock that can be opened by many keys is just a shitty lock.
why is it that women are to blame in a failed relationships?? most men, if not all, just can't stay faithful to their wives... they can't resist temptation.
as a coin has two sides, this can only work if she would put her heart into it
Excellent Boss.... its so nice..  n I understood the nice feeling from it..!
as his woman does the same...right back at him.
this is the truth of a true lover.......
it takes both to tangle, it's not easy to be real when the women are not real
Every man on earth should read and re-read this message
So busy trying to love their own, you miss that they are loving others too.... but still optimistic haha
Noa Sa
so true <3
perfect,I believe the spouse are like a mirror,an action by one and a reaction by the other.
I really love this comment thank you  
Awww love it! Real men are getting into the endangered species category lately!
What about them pretending to love you or in love  with you?
Love it but... why there are so much more women oriented cheesy inspirations? Men too deserve some cheesiness
That's a wonderful statement! People need to share Love! Monogamy is a GREAT love! I believe love never ends! (Like a circle...the smaller the circle ... the more love shared). 
I was very hurt badly by a man and my children's father maybe if I wouldn't of been hurt so deeply maybe I wouldn't of become that way t its ok for them to hurt me over n over so they think its ok. I was trying to find a husband and my family encouraged dating and men do it all the time. Why is that ok u friggin men all all hippagrits.
This fact only apply whenever women also gives full dedication.
i believe in 1man woman n nothing can change that.
i need drugs lololololol quack medicine
Help I falling and I can't get up. Lololol
Real men don't have any spare time?
this fact only applies when both has confidence on each other
My husband and were married for 35 years, until he subcumb to lung cancer.  it has been 10 years since his death and he was the love of my life.  no one else can compare.
nice but how true can a mans heart stay to himself and still love that woman and her stilll respect and love that I'll take the quack meds for 50 lololololol
love is life, and love helps set wrong things right
Real men are too busy working overtime to try and pay off all those bills their wives run up. Not romantic, but unlike the out if touch nonsense up top, it's practical.
Actually, in purely biological terms, monogamy is an aberration.  Any man truly keeping it "real" would be out procreating with every willing female.

Rephrase it as: "Men who accept the societal paradigm of monogamous pair-bonding..." and you'll have something.
I love my wife and am faithful but i want to make it clear that i do not own her
love,faith, trust and honest things we look in a man an always stay faithful to one another until the other side ♥ ^▽^ ♥
awww.....that would make me feel special if i were married:)
aaaawwww that's so sweet i wish i had a man with me <3
I love my partner he is faithful,more men should take notice of how they treat there woman they love.
Real men do not have time to commit.
uy kunin mo n ko d2 auko n d2 pls..
Hooray, someone finally cropped their photo to fit the stream!
yaa its true and only applicable to men bcoz women are very crazy seeing others rather than different love styles ..
Mike L
Put down the novels.

Mii n myy lve....;) :D
Just imagine itzzz so nice nah...<3
How true... Still Waiting for my faithful Man
Come on...That's silly...
That is not the typical gender of men..
Their instincts are to go hunting for food, mark territory and react on female hormone...

This is why it's WOMENS job to keep their hands off men in a relationship instead of being jaloux, childish and ruin others lifes..
Great comment that a real man can agree to. But for those who seek more then just one women,"Wake Up"!!!!
compatability is the key
Once you are missing something instinks will kick in forcing you to find it as if you were on autopilot, no matter loyal you are.
Here we go again, another thing making all men out to be like cheaters.  If this meme is the case then I guess that real women in a relationship let themselves go and get fat and lazy once they get the ring on the finger.
Someone told me that a successful relationship starts when you appreciate someone spending her future waking up morning seeing your face feeding you and wait for you,, you respect that you find your self acting to it you will be a real man in her eyes,, well,, i put it into consideration
Women cheat on men more often than men cheat on women.
And maybe if a lot of women would stop getting involved with men that you know are complete douchebags, maybe you wouldn't get treated like the shit that you allow yourselves to be.  PS: I am in a wonderful relationship with a woman better than most of you whiners on here.
Faithful to his woman it is not in the nature of men! we are "animal".
react to female hormone, that's the funniest thing i ever heard, I don't go ahead and smell some girl to see if she's ready to mingle.. that's absurd, sorry, if i have offended you..
It's hard to do that ..for iam not a good man
Shelly kay
they must first fall in love with you for that to become a reality. Unfortunately people also fall out of love for defferent reason.
"The're" not busy learning to spell, that's for sure.
They are too busy making money so their wives can go shopping
No comment. Both should play faithfully. 100%
Too bad there are so few women real women who deserve real men these days... Only shallow little girls
It takes a real man to even use the word, faithful.
Real women try to satisfy their husbands sexual needs instead of being romantic 1 time a month.
If you love her / him , Just pray for it . Don't show it to her .Allah will show it every thing and how sincere you are .
Truly, when you love someone truly.
That is so true wish l could get that ;(
True.. Get the Bud.. :D)))
Real women try to be romantic with their husband moe than once a month
Seriously? Why "real" men or women work out their disagreements, disputes in civilized manner and make their relationships more productive, more trustworthy rather close to half results into separation or divorce?
I only hop she does too coz i truly luv ha with passion en care for her lyk a newly born baby.
He who is faithful with little will be faithful with much and vice versa
Cool and very true...except the typo "they're", lol.
Only God and some other intelligent people know everything. Others are just guessing. Do what you want I say. That's what's real.
are this men still around or only in the movies .?
This is one thing that I always think of a real guy. I think there are still few.. Hope Ill be lucky to meet one xD
Real woman make a man so comfortable that the effort of even looking at another woman is too much.
Some girls should be given a separate web
where domains start from 'awww' instead of
'www' ;):p
yes i'm agree but a lote the man not do the same thing
Why do touchy dwelt women always try to define what REAL manhood looks like??
where are they o ya i forgot only in the movies lol lol
Wow...I wonder who wrote this? Soooo not true!
This is the type of man I am in search for and think I may have found.  They do exist, but are hard to find.
Real women don't look for men with money, but instead look for a man with character, they don't want to change their man because they want a man with strength, they understand that trying to tame him will only make him a  weakling, A real woman stands behind his man and supports him to achieve ever greater heights, and most of all a real woman respects and obeys her man instead of embarking on a fight for equality whenever she sees him, She knows that she can either fight for dominance or give him dominance and get love in return...

Just my two cents :P
All guys here who agree with this post are two face liars! You mean to tell me you don't check anyone else out? Please it's normal to be attracted to the opposite sex .... Girls I love all of you! Hahaha
Its there's no way to make a girl understand this..
Awwwwwww..... i luv u ** * the crush of my life!!!!!!
faithfulness seems to be a dying breed in today's world (whether its man or woman). The binds that once helped hold such virtues have diminished greatly (figure what the binds were), and most likely will continue to diminish as society continues to evolve on the path it has chosen...
That was well said and If only so, I still believe that my True Love is out there because he is a Real Man...right?
the only man i know that has ever been faithful truly is my DAD
so true and real.... this ad should be stapled to every womans ass.... just to remind every dumb man....
Women are just as much of a problem... they just lie about it better.
Real men are born with one penis and two testicles. That other stuff has to do with who you are as a person, and the complexities of a relationship, not your gender.
I so wish!!!  Dear most men but not all be faithful and loving x
most men dost wanna be REAL men these days...
So true if you don't your women will be gone
I bet you a woman who was cheated on wrote this.
Real woman don't need to make up some sort of definition of what a real man is that's based on nothing but wishes and fantasy.

Sexism. Alive and well on the Internet.
Yes,it is 100% true.True loves search for innovative in expressing their loves.
yea i believe that 70% of men do that
What is a "real" man, didn't know there was a definition on it versus a certain social skew depending on where you live.  I wonder how many "real" men (as defined by doing what a woman would like for them to do) end up being stepped all over, cheated on for the bad boy aka not "real" man, etc?
I was married 14 years and I never cheated. Toward the end I knew my wife was just by the way she would act. I honored my vows until after we were legally separated and there was no chance for reconciliation. That is how it will be if I become involved with someone again
this is so true, my girlfriend tells me that if we broke up she would have to become a nun because no man has ever treated her and shown her the love I have. I am a strong advocate of making your woman not just happy, but very happy.
ohh awosame....but True Love is the one thing in life that
man strives for, and in many cases,
more than anything else it can be the
hardest to find.
totally true. I wish my bf had acted that way. He flirted with every other girl on the street. I dumped him 'bout a week ago.
I tried this. It takes a partner who likes being cared for......maybe a woman who doesn't want to act like an aloof cat.
A man is just as faithful as his options out there
i love that! looking for new ways to LOVE their own....(dreamy eyes)
if wishes were horses
 i would be the first one to ride on them
Where r the real men and the faithful 1's
This is such a sweet quote! I love it!
Because marriage is important to many people,and should be important to everyone.
Being Ruff and carpet bears on neas works.
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