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Bob B
Love the Rain!!
Very true. Turn a negative into a positive. Always liked singing in the rain :-)
the rain ....jill scott & will smith  .... amongst  the fall is when you really find yo self  ever since then the rain I neva wit it!!!!
I just like the quote. Learn to love god, and this quote will be extremely important.
Always remember this! It's a great quote :)
hus thoughts are these? nice one eh?
those days!!!!  no worries no stress  what ever happened I was goin outside tomorrow even in the rain
its look like my daughter eh
And hold your beloved's hand tight in the storm.
annie are you drunk??
carl fucker ohh sorry i mean tucker.. what good in bad?? like me
yeah thats true guys,, we people dont only stand for nothing, we used to do something better than that  for us to prove in our self that we can be strong enough to face all the problems we encounter in our everyday life..  but dont forget, God is always with us where ever we go and what ever we do so dont forget to thank God for what u recieved. thats all amen
 hi kamarah,ULOL ka!
what is it carl?? about in what??
 you look like bobby
cool. Now i am in heavy rain. :D

Later in life you relies that while dancing in the rain was great when 8 years old, doing the same thing at 60 will not only bring on a severe cold but a visit from the local authorities requesting you come with them and have an evaluation.

Sometimes watching a good movie until the storm passes is the best advice. 
Thank you, that's my thought for the day!
Life is meaningless, and the fact that it's meaningless is in of itself meaningless. The endless pursuit to file life meaning is futile. When most people hear that, they find it to be negative, which is what has driven humanity for thousands of years to find the meaning of life. And religion. People can't deal with thinking that they aren't here for some 'purpose'.

Yes, you do have a purpose. Know what that is? Well, if you don't then I sure as hell don't. It's up to you, people. The fact that life is meaningless is a GOOD thing, not a BAD thing. It means it's an empty canvas for you to fill with whatever you want. 

So start filling it.
very well said. but i disagree with bill. Who knows that he/she will have an opportunity to watch rain at 60
until you slip and fall on your butt. :P (been there done that)
And afterwords they popped her into a tub of nice warm water right?
thats good advice actualy. thnx :D xx
Life is to enjoy it to the fullest till the day you gone- but u leaving a legacy to those who know.. who you are.. and to those who love you dearly
yes i did it just an hour ago....I love the rain....
When the scene turns hoter become burning. 
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But be careful!! Dancing in the rain can be dangerous! Wet floor= slippery floor
I read it ' Life is about learning to dance in the pain '
how can we dance if we are in pain? 
That is very true! Thank for that! And that girl is so happy
It's all fun and games until you get sick lol...but good quote :)
rain have positive ions
it clens ur negetive ions
so u feel fresh & clean
thats the watet affect
yes life is gifted by god to njoy and achive
Brilliant quote - it renews your soul!
life is more complicated than this and any other meme/quote, sorry
learn to enjoy every moment of life ...
sumtyms lyf is more dn jst dancing in rain...... 
Food for thought as i get up to exercise this morning....cause im depressed and all i want is to be under the up now!
Mar yam
I think so,too
I first need to learn dancing
That's so dumb! The pic is great!  And the child is the one who does the difference of the dummiest post ever! 
it cool message in the hot season
In the rain with the wind under my wings throu my hair n to the nigit through the storm rider s
On a priya O:-)
Life isn't about quotes about life -_-'
and certainly to be careful not to trip yourself cuz life's wet and slippery and once you fall it hurts like hell
true....................very true.......................
i like that i wanna dance in the rain
very nice picture, i like it.
freedom,rain is soooooooooooooooo sweet,it cleanses yo soul.
if u come 2 ireland ye wont love the rain
When life gives you lemons...throw them at passing cars.
Smile,even when the world doesn't smile at u
Yes and i am ready to dance.
Laugh through ur tears...always :)) !! xoxo
just like when you are thrown into a pit, dont always try to get out but at least try finding means of surving IN THE PIT!!!!!!!!
can I get a hallelujah (for dancing in the rain, that is)
i  am   very  hapy to  meet  you
Dancing in the rain, what can be better...
dance in the rain and u will like it
I love rain nd dancing.......
1 of the best motivational quotes I've ever read
m loving this... best feeling __!!
rain brings happiness & removes sadness for a period of time in life
yeah.. Situation Thoughts.. now here is raining.... love it
i love it when it rains so o can snuggle up in my bed all day
I'fe heard of dancing in the moonlight, but never the rain.
Dance & go whith friends in rain is the best movment everyone should try that.........
I agree on the statement... :)
To cute that's what we news to see everyday not sad homlease people- people who are happy .
Hmmmm.. I think sometimes, specially when the storm is too strong, duck-and-cover is not a bad strategy. Sometimes, you have to push away the decision making and contemplating to that distant point in future where you are back to normalcy and can do the best you can. If you can save your ass now, you will have another chance to strike back!!
Gotta dance with the sunshine or moonshine when there's no rain. ;-))
Love this and boy do I love to dance in the rain.
 I like this so much. happiness in spite of difficulties
i know this quote- it's one of my faves
Love quote and the rain -any of the many kinds
i have already mastered the ancient skill of dancing in the rain
Because after the rain, there will be a rainbow <3
I love u rain........&.
I like rain......
just came in from dancing in the rain on the beach in avalon
i love to play in the rain still its so much fun
dancing in the rain need sth very important that is called hope, and our heart will be empty without hope, to be hopeful, we should be able to love
I want to punch someone whenever I see this over used cliché.
Good Morning Marty! Hope lots of smiles fill your day!
how to download this pic 
I see a bright future for this aspiring dancer
4 things bind 2gether n mke so impressive i.e scrips,rain,girl n the weather..ha3
I always loved dancing in the rain...
O my gosh yesterday I did that! Its funn when you listen to one direction!
life is about enjoying every single moment.................
I like the rain and I just feel great when it's raining
Man was not born to make life, was born to live it.....!
i wish i could learn to dance in the rain.... im too scared of getting sick lol
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