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Dan Lascu
Agree with you +Prana Cale Rest in peace those killed by the U.S. State greed.
kev lar
terrible terrible comment
Truth hurts, I know ... But without realizing it, evil will repeat again and again.
remembering our love ones,,so emotional..
+Prana Cale as a former U.S. soldier, I disagree with everything you said. But I would DIE to protect your right to say it. 
Yeah...hate to think about that...not lookin forward for that day
Sad and angry all at once... war sucks. Why can't we all just get along? Really ppl...
my grandad and grandma are dead. this will always make me remember them... they were so nice... and im just a kid :(
I know someone exactly like her... :'(
Don't be angry with those that can't understand. Just move on. Life's too short.
i do too Mahsa and Gulshan
+Matt Baucom I prefer you to stay home. And I don't want you tu die. You respect that?
People this person is making fun of this day to remeber people who died
for us all!!
+Meaghan Austin-Cortez It's not meant to be funny. I't meant to remind us that sacrifice has it's costs, whether one believes in the sacrifice or not.
+Shirley CP I hope you have a chance to see the war in your country. Whatever the propaganda that it supports. To be "democratized" because you do not like McDonalds food
As emotional as this subject is I do feel that those who have lost their loved ones in service would be even more devastated to learn that their sacrifice was both in vain and in the name of profit. War is totally unnecessary & fear is used to control as with 911.
This photo is sad because that woman should not be there.
+Wendy Lindop Every nation has people who sacrifice for noble causes and pride. Unfortunately we can only trust those that thrust this sacrifice upon us. Getting angry at anyone other than those that make the decisions is just foolish.
LOL@ National BBQ Day. @ Wendy Lindop: That sounds like a damn good reason to move to states to me! Light bulb, we should trade places! haha
r u going to celebrate Memorial day miley
How terribly, terribly sad - war and strife really brought no one any peace ever, nor solved any problem ever.
i know the ppl risk there life for ppl they do not who they do not even they r so nice i love them because there life for me
yes thank u i am really glad to have u i really am
but is it miley who is lying down on the ground
WOW! thanks, oh i have a lot of people to apologies to! :(
i am bored is anyone else bored
Let's always remember and honor the sacrifices ppl have made for our freedom!
yes we should remeber that and we do not even know ppl and we should thx ppl we really should
this no time to laugh we r serious i do not think this is funny jezavelle no time okay u r not realy serious r u
makes me to remember the indian culture.thnx a lot.
The picture may be sentimental but how the hell does national BBQ day even come into it. It is just another mindless, heart string pulling piece of crap. I am serving but have had enough. The lost servicemen should be honoured in a manner befitting of them, not some half arsed attempt made on Photoshop!
what the hell are we doing in these countries losing good men for the American "war on terror". So half of you are saying if we had not entered Afghan our homes would be overrun with terrorists!! get a grip. How the hell have the made a sacrifice for "our freedom" they made a sacrifice for our politicians. no way would "our freedom" been affected if we had not invaded Iraq or Afghanistan..
For my grand father in ww1 and my father in ww2 you are not forgotten..
In my honest opinion, if you don't stand behind our troops, you can feel free to stand in-front of them!!!!!!
Thank you to all the troops that have fought for us
Prana cale u fucking idiot wher is your humanity
Wendylindop what do you think remembrance sunday is about:-11 month 11day 11hour least we forget
I'm gunna ball my eyes out now. Because if u watched cp24 3 tenns killed in a withby house fire that was my cuzzin holly harrison
I pay tribute to those fallen by having one hell of a BBQ!
+Ann Falentine . That the Americans have been murdering innocent civilians in vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan; running torture camps at Abu Ghuraib, Bagram and Guantanamobay; burning Qurans in Afghanistan and when people try to get even by kicking their asses, they whine, scream and cry foul.

+George Anderson : thank you your your comments, but weren't the taliban and OBL USA own creation to fight the russians. So why complaint when the chickens come home to roost. Just a food for thought
Memorial day my ass they made sacrifices killing innocent people and just so the USA could take over the oil fields in iran and afghanistan.
Those who died in the world war 1 or 2 i salute them for defending us but those who died in the recent war they died because of USA's greed.
That made me cry. Getting angry or hate at anyone always ends up in tears.
R.I.P., Billy Wilson and Buddy Wilson. God Bless you for serving, and also my self adopted son, Branding Gann (USMC) I love you, son.
Good inspiration to stop all the wars and bring the troops home now.
terrorists dont care for that... they kill just unreasonable things!
my brother thinks god is not real!
Some of them died in Bosnia, Serbia... trying to kill us and our families.
these things you got to get over eventually but you will allways remember them
Philosophical manipulation day --they can't have died serving central bankers, could they? >becomes> "Support the troops!" George Carlin had the answer: refuse to serve. Thoreau, also had the answer, before Carlin: "If the machine of government is of such a nature that it requires you to be an agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law." This is the philosophy of abolitionism: the end of slavery. Until you begin to think critically and refuse to be manipulated to the goals of others, you will never know true freedom. And, in a legitimate hierarchy of importance, what should you most refuse to do? Anything that initiates the use of force against others. The initiation of force is wrong, the retaliatory use of force is acceptable, but sub-optimal and to be avoided where possible.
Pray for those who left and value those who live
its all abt the hypocrate attitude of ppl in power..even taliban no gud
It's starts with children. When they are at the right age they should be taught what this day is really about. Its like that with many holidays. 
From one American veteran to every fallen man or woman, you are in my heart and prayers. Additionally, I am praying that every living American is enjoying a Memorial Day weekend that is full of peace, hope, and faith! God bless America!
true love never go to meet the's true
I have read the post where people have commented "sad" and it is sad but very true. I have never talked to someone who served including my father who ever said that they regret doing so and all are proud of their service to our great country and the families who lost loved ones are proud of there service. This is the time to reflect on the ones who gave us our freedom by their service. 
"A Nation that forgets it's history is doomed to repeat it" W.Churchill. Always honour your soldiers.
In memory of all the men & women that served our country!! Happy Memorial Day!!
May God please bless our military and keep them. Rest in peace all who've gone before and know you're not forgotten on any given day.
Freedom is never free, it always comes with a heavy price. Remember your vets.
Waste of young life. Wake up America bring your boys home.
Let's remember the efforts of everyone who fought for their country including the millions of people killed by US troops since WW2 in misguided and ultimately failed attempts by right wing extremists in DC to force their will on other countries. Without them and their delusions of manifest destiny and gods talking to them, the only campaign since WW2 would've been Afghanistan. Lets also remember the 500 000 dead Iraqis who died because Jesus told Bush to invade the wrong country. And lets remember the tens of thousands of brave souls who died fighting on US soil against illness last year alone, because their country didn't want to pay for health care for them. They, too, were soldiers who sacrificed everything they had, their homes and their lives, for the glory of The United States of America. FREEDOM IS NOT FREE! GOD BLESS AMERICA
Hoorah! Salute!
God bless their loved ones they left behind.
Yep, we have the same thing here, we call it, ANAZAC - DAY. God Bless & Take Care. x
So sad, death, but everyone faces it at some point.
respecting and remembering their selfless sacrifice.... 
People forget. About things that don't directly effect them & although this topic echoes a sense of loss that is unimaginable to most but every liberty that we enjoy today hasn't come without extreme sacrifice
Awwww... Thats so sad. I wish people would be more aware of what memorial day is for. :(
That is so true! Its good to have fun on this day with your family, but remember those families that loss their love ones for our freedom.
You know what there are some right numpties on here non of the soldiers go to war by choice blame the politicians I don't care what country your from the armed forces personell and their families are the ones that pay the ultimate price serving their country so I think that it only fitting that we should always remember those that have fallen in battle and paid the ultimate price so that we all may live in relative freedom
And an an ideal world their would't be any wars but we don't live in an ideal world in my opinion there are 3 main causes for wars politicians and greed also religion
what is that BBQ day ????????some 1 tell me??? wt do u mean by that
No one knows the anxiety, that when they go-will they come back. It is heart rendering on the people serving and the families that carry on while they are gone. Please always remember what this day is dedicated for. I ache for her, God Bless all
This iz sum bullcrap!!!!!! People obviously dnt no da tru meaning of Memorial Day. It makes me furious!!!!!!
There is nothing funny about this picture. I see a giving woman. What's funny is all those idiots who think it's funny.
who in congress really knows this pain? Who in congress ask so much and give so little in return? They forget the 20 years, the physical pain, the lost limbs, the broken families, and the ultimate give your all. God bless those who put family 2nd and country 1st and did not return .
I'm so sorry God Bless 
I'm so sorry God Bless
Always miss them and never forget <3
The families of the military also serve and sacrifice! God bless you and thank you!
Never forget. A picture IS worth a thousand words. I think this one says it all and sums it up.
+Hans J. Furfjord I respect your right to your opinion, but you might wish to brush up a tad more on US History and those who brought us to war. Also, our sitting POTUS - hardly, a 'rightwing extremist' supported military action in Afghanistan during his campaign and since.

ALL nations should step back and think, before, taking action, especially, in these times, when, we've supposedly progressd; but this page is about our fine people who fight for what THEY believe in. Their service is voluntary.

Thank you, again, Veterans!
Powerful. Dangerously so. Grief is toxic, Gratitude inspires growth.
More care should be used in the composition of images and statements... what does this photo married to this statement inspire, grief or gratitude?

Do not dwell long on the memories of grief, yet keep them close to the forefront of your mind, to inspire yourself and others to actions that save as many as you can, from experiencing such engulfing agony, and to honor what those who have sacrificed all that they were or could have been, so that the ones that they held most dear could experience something far more pleasurable than war, like time with family and friends, over a barbecue... or anything else that those we have lost, would have enjoyed doing with us, and wanted us to be happy about.

Enjoy Yourselves and inspire others to do the same
happy memorls day.the day we rember soilers from wars fighting for are freedom
Its thrue never forget our soldiers fall in combat

My prayers are with all of those families that lost someone to the service of this country...
Memorial Day... In case you thought it was a whole weekend.
What a bunch of right-wing bullshit in this thread. We wouldn't need a day of mourning for fallen soldiers if we just stopped sending poor people's kids overseas to murder brown people in the sand.
Did you know war is a moneyspinner. 
Tragic! This should also open our eyes so that we work for peace and not get involved in wars....
Down with every country and organization supporting war, for whatever good or bad reasons....
Because in the USA it is Memorial Day. A day we celebrate the fallen heroes of war.
+Deb Marston If you had bothered to read +Hans J. Furfjord 's comment properly, you'd understand that he referred to Afghanistan as the good fight, and the only one since WW2. Which is why Obama always supported it. And when you accuse him of being ignorant of US history, why didn't you bother to specify which part? Is it because you didn't want to be confronted with your own ignorance? Is that also the reason you made your accusation and preemptively blocked Furfjord just in case he might actually want to reply? What kind of cowardly and arrogant behavior is that? That's how children behave.

As for this post, it should be about remembering the dead, as you say, regardless of how they died. But it's stupid, arrogant and inhumane to remember just a few of them because they happened to be born near you. But maybe that's just something you can't wrap your vicious, patriotic head around. It's almost like people like you live in a psychosis of admiration of war and soldiers. If said wars were against other countries for arbitrary and stupid reasons, who cares, it's their "sacrifice" that matters. Sacrifice for what? What better day of the year than this to talk about why the veterans had to die pointlessly and needlessly because of politicized patriotism. That's what the dead veterans would've wanted. That's what anyone would've wanted if their death was the result of deception and politics and not real dangers and real enemies.
For the men n women who gave there life for me I salute u!!!!! n may God bless their family
I know right it is the sadest thing ever Amen for those who served are country
thank you for putting this up on google. to many people forget that memorial day isn't just an extra day off from school, or a fun weekend to BBQ. god bless our troops, and the families left behind.
Stay at home and you won't die!!, why should everything be about war?? Why can't we just live in peace? Fuck war
Amen, sista' meghan pierce! AMEN...<3
Americans with all your god bless out troops, why can't stop fight everyone??
What until you read some of the unpatriotic comments.
I get the whole premise of memorial day and I respect every bit of it but what is going on in this picture?
The picture looks a little contrived, but the message is there and it's heartfelt. Reasons for war are sometimes honourable and sometimes not - either way it's sad when people die. For some reason someone said we don't have a memorial day in the UK - so what's Remembrance Sunday when it's at home, huh?
this is so true. lots of people don't even stop to wonder why we celebrate this day.
+Prana Cale The point of a memorial day is take time to honor those that gave their lives. Although debating the political motivations are your right, to do so in this thread is gauche at best. A soldier does not have the luxury to decide what enemies to fight, or if he should fight at all. Therefore, attack the leadership, the bankers, the politicians, congress, the judges but never attack the men who offered their very existence to defend your ability to speak your mind without fear of violence or death as is so common in many other countries.
+thomas mccolgan, you're an even bigger idiot. An implied threat of violence as retaliation for speech spits directly in the face of what the men and women being honoured had fought for.
thats sad. i hate it when the people that fight for the good die. so sad
Is a day to remind us of the lost one.Memories of that day
I'm not an expert... But aren't the bodies supposed to go underground?
hahahahahaha that is so funny!
not funny,e.v.someone grieving in front of a loved soldier's grave is NOT funny.wonderfulll image whoever took it.
The pic was not meant to be funny. A lot of people treat it like a national bbq day and don't really care.
This post truly says a lot.
you are a very sick PUNK.. I came home in 1973 but a lotta men did'nt.
the real sadness is sending ppl to wars who have nothing to do with liberty or helping other nations... wake up america.
Paula G
so so true we need to stop and thank all our troops for all they do i shakebless the hand of a soldier when ever i see them you should too it means alot to them trust me the look in there eyes says it ALL. god bless you ALL. :)
uh not very nice i have to say
This is why I HATE WAR! People die and we miss them. I am fully aware that death is part of life, and that "someone" mist fight to keep us a free nation. These brave folks have my respect and thanks always.
BTW those of you writing stupid asinine thoughtless comments...this is NOT THE PLACE TO TROLL. have some respect and class. That is all....
we all  have an  end .dont worry frnds
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