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Pei Yun
yeah thanks for that :)
Pei Yun
cos it make me feel great every time I read those, great motivation for my upcoming government exams
Wow if i had a dollar for every time someone I know did this I would be rich. 
Pei Yun
Some people commit suicide if they have high stress levels.Some people commit suicide because they simply want to be part of a long chain of people committing suicide(really stupid but true)
Thts just thought sue-min park... 
So true! Have 2 remind myself of that sometimes
Definitely like this. I like to think that when you get hit hard it is because something great is going to happen right around the corner. It gets you past and looking forward.
i needed that evrey time i get own i feel like that thank you
life doesn't need to be long to be hard to handle...
So true never let it do that to u ever...thats what happened to me letting it do that
that's totally true, if you have a bad day just sleep and try to analysis  it to learn from it and to forget it,,,
V Agee
Today is the new birth of tomorrow! I'm so thankful for the days to come. 
Thanks for posting it! makes life simple enough to continue! 
What if I just have bad days?
aisakyu hata hai ki ham said hote hai
I just had the most horrible day!!! But, I still love my life!!!! :D All I can do know is forgive, forget, move on!! 
it's so difficult to do 
Jade Bradshaw how are you
This is so much easier said than done. Because all of the pleasant quotes in the world still won't free you from that pit of despair you'll fall into once depression seeps in. And what's worse? Sometimes, logically, you'll know what's going on and you'll know better. But you just can't help how you feel.
Loc han
its true ..
express in ur good smile .. 
So.... Don't make a good day feel like you have a good life?
I am the worlds most annoying girl i will report everything on one post the share my ways with you !!!!!
Hav u tried heroin? Jus could b th answer 2 all yr problems.
dont let a good day, make you feel you have a good life
makes your heart feel like ur special
I've felt like this lately.  The problem is when you have a lot of bad days in a row :)
oh yeah!! sometimes that can happen to anyone:-)

Absolutely right always be positive.
Keep finding life advices in internet pictures, guys. It's totally worth it.
True but sometimes hard to remember
yes!! always believe in the better!! cause if the shit hits the fan.. it just's makes you
stronger for the next hardship that the world throws at you!! So Get Up and Stand Tall!! You, yourself will make it happen!! Make It Happen!! Nobody else will make it for you!!
If you have a bad day, you need to embrace the shit it throws at you, understand the crappy feeling it gave you, look at it hard in the face; and then come out stronger the next day. Because you'll be better equipped and more likely to prevent another one of those bad days...xX
U will hav good days n bad days. Learn from both.
inspiration does not comes artificially
I agree wid u Teesh Beckham..............
It's not the single bad day that's the problem, it's the 30th, 40th, 50th bad day in a row...
Life is made outta the days we live.
We have a good day and we have the bad days. But a bad life or a good life is based on the way you treat those days.
morgs p
a bad day is what you see bad in a day, its best to always look at the best an bright side, or look threw another persons eye what they see bad ie a paraplegic
Of course there is no such "bad day!" in life.
It is all in our perception!
but dis is all just becoz of makes us happy but ......jab koi tumhari life me ata he with lost more happy things.....usi hi waqt tumhe usse pyaar ho jata he......par wahi pyara agar tumhe us waqt chodke chala jaye jis waqt tumhe uski sabse jyada jarurat thi tabhi bohot dukh hota he......but let it be after all its engage with ur love and dat person who luvs u but purely...if i m wrong plz tell me guys.......
even a bad life unless have a good day
Fotget about yesterday don't worry about tomorrow. Just live for today.
I think that one thing not mentioned is that you never know what the situation of the person was!
Before you make your regretful comments. Put yourself in the place of the person in the rain, resting on a tree, looking to have just given up!
Can you really be so insensitive that you are 100% sure you will never find yourself in that situation?
Or do you have more money than common sense?
Start each day knowing that YOU have the power to make it better than the day before :-)
Dat's true,bcos 2moro might just be a better day...
Dat's true,bcos 2moro might just be a better day...
Dat's true,bcos 2moro might just be a better day...
i agree but when those days go on for weeks its hard not to...
Some times ,Many people make you feel like that :(
very trUe   i suffer from anxiety attacks and it is so important to tell yourself its all  good 
Decide to be happy, and alk the positive energy will.conquet u
If you can keep yourself detached from whatever is happening around you, for there is nothing you can do to control/change it, things will be all right!
when the days run into weeks, into months and into years, at what point can you legitimately claim to have had a bad life?
You can't escape thinking of bad things once happened boy u r face is not clear can put photo ful n frant face .

You determine you day, don't let the day dictate your mood. Always be in charge of your life and mood. U can
I always follow these Phrase! ! !
try to rem-amiss about what went right with you or for you
This is what happens when you let programmers pretend to be deep.  Why can't I block this useless, idiotic bullshit?
So simple yet so profound!
This should be ad on every public television station targeting our teens
Sometimes, bad days are there to remind you that you have good ones to look forward to.
yeah and mistakes are stepping stones.we get stronger because we learn
Thats really very difficult 😔
Jim A
How about after a few thousand bad days, then what?
If you allow it to be bad then it will. You should not let destiny take control of your life. You should steer it in the way you think!
Very good inspiration phase everyone need something like this every day keep if u can make 1person happy that's great lve it. 
Everybody has a bad day, the question is how to make it good when you're at it...
When someone commit suicide they choose to become godless. They give up with this world... Too bad...
We tend to exagerate on a bad day.
Watch your self exagerate, and know how wrong you are.
Do not let a good day makes u imagine u r having a good life :(
Although, after several hundred consecutive bad days...
Subtract that bad day from all of the rest of the days you have to live... how much are they?
The bad stuff is really not worth your time being stressed over.  A positive outlook heals all things.
But when you've had a lifetime of bad days,................................ 
Sometimes you have to take the day one moment at a time, and it does get better.
though sometimes it does get worse too :)
i have felt like that its not good
I totally agree with Olivia. sometimes people turn to react negative especial when certain things don't go their way,however its important to keep our eyes fixed on the bright future that God has invested on our behalf.
A single day/incident  doesn't change whole Life..............
A single incident could change your life..a car accident, shooting etc. If you're the one at the wheel that causes the crash etc and it leaves people dead or injured it could changed your life forever. Look at 9/ changing incident..
I like what u said bout when u get hit hard something good is just around
the corner. I have 2 believe that. Thanks 4 sharing that
Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful advise. A much-needed rule-of-thumb!
Yes. This has lot's of meaning. I'm sure everyone can relate to this.
We all hav our own way of understanding. But it is wat it is.we all have good days n bad days. 
Keep smiling even when u want to cry.....start each day fresh and new. We have to power to make a difference :)xxx
so many out there, think and feel like they have a bad life.
That's a great statement, but does not need the comma.
yeah but who r u if u r a good ones so plz add me
OK, Sara, how do we know each other?
i have not forgotten this. Its like an anchor to me
That is the truth. Thank god for those wisr words.
A Village church near my home had a sign up that I think about on tough days:
Saints have pasts, and
Sinners have futures.
Beautifully said.let's take heed 2 that. especially 4 the new year.
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