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Hate is only for Satans glory, and not for God's glory... "Let no unwholesome talk come out of your mouths except for the building up of others" Eph. 4:29
So true...i dnt hte any1.....
i don't think it's a wast of time to hate someone....
life is too short, to waste time loving anyone too :P
Hate is so much easier to do than love. Love is just a four letter word that's a slap in the face.
ive been hurt by love but all hate does is hurt love, and hate hate.
Everytime I'm in love, something always goes wrong. It's like I'm cursed or something, you know? :/
Sadu Seefoo love yoself and hate yoself dats the best thing to do :)
+mohd saif i prefer hearing and talking to others. i dislike talking about myself. i like helping and healing different ppl, it heals me by healing other.
I'm not giving up on love though. I can't. It's in my blood. Maybe it's because I'm Jewish...... :)
+Sadu Seefoo I do the same thing... I sometimes use a personal story to relate with people but the same idea right? :)
+Yadial Ketema eehh.. I am the same way as well there... I dont give up on love either, even tho it screws me all the time. Even a "sure-thing" gets blown to pieces before my eyes
I understand ppl  and things well i always have so i bring out different sides of ppl, and it helps me to help them with my understanding skills.
Sadu Seefoo dat simply means dat you are a good person :)
xD my friends and i trick ppl a lot theyll be like do you like me? well say yes we love you and theyll like freak out (our response is) We love EVERYBODY (bc all of my friends and i love every different ways xD were very strange
Hana B
Sadu Seefoo i think god is made you a distributor of love :P share it with every1
Sadu Seefoo share some with me toooo :D
No life is very long so all my friend enjoy our life right way
Paula G
I wish i could shouted to the world >>>:)
that is so true
Paula G
Well hating is a waste of time ..i mean what do you get out of hating
unless it makes you feel better to hate ????
Jessica Grace de Lancey-Wheeler love is a good thing only when people are true to each other :) its not like one person loves you and you cheat on him !!
How do you not hate people who castrate little girls???
The world is so corrupted with sin that there is hate everywhere
C Yule
you should try telling my friends this lol
WTF? Life is the longest thing anyone can ever dream about?!
I'm not saying that hating people is a good thing ,but there is no way that you can love everyone
I know, but life is LONG...? And I agree, hating is bad.
A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.
Charles Darwin
I just think that life is not short~ Haters are not nessisary~ and ENEMIES are the  imaginations work.
Thx... Though the message is clear~ Dont hate...?
hate is what hitler did..... a strong word and thought I have never had... just wish others would realize the impact of the meaning
That is true but still hating someone is going to make ur life so misarable and then u will think twice after u do it!! It is true!!!!
i agree people have been calling me a hater for no good reason
+Annaka Goodner Just ignore it! If people are trying to bring you down, that only means that you are above them!!
People say "I hate you" but dont mean it. Its a word used to get anger out. Should be rare, but is common.
yes but who know it how to move time to time
As my Nee-chan always says, "I like my people, like I like my coffee...... I hate coffee."
How Ah
Not to mention.. hatred is very energy consuming.. and I'm just farrrr too lazy!
life is to short to read my comment
Life is too short to dance with ugly people..
I think a better line is:
Never go to bed angry. Stay awake, and plot your revenge.
Hate will end, when life ends. And that sucks.
Or a group of people or certain food & drinks, animals, breeds of dogs, music, anything really. To much abundance and variety! 
S. Pink
yup just move on cuz thier not worth it
if u hate them then u donr have the time 2 think about them take life head on and dont hold back
i agree  completely. i have hated many people and are still hating some today
this is what haters should do: forgive and forget
heheh add me as a friend please x
I totally agree. Life is nor a dress rehearsal, it is the real thing.
Learn to 4give n keep moving forward is what i say!!!
Learn to 4give n keep moving forward is what i say!!!
Learn to 4give n keep moving forward is what i say!!!
Learn to 4give n keep moving forward is what i say!!!
life is too short so why not let it go an be happy . eveybody need love.
peace and love is always the answer violence and hatred are wrong!
That is also true...... But can I hate the girl who wants to kill me?
I am agree but it is so difficult to stand .
Do you agree?
Nonsense... there's always time to hate people. It's one of those sinful pleasures...
sometimes i would agree with that but sometimes not.
I want that necklace/pocket watch 
People say life is short, but it's the longest thing that we do....
I know love that never hurts... Jesus dying for us all :D he took the pain so we didnt have to... Amen
N Smith
heard it before
and that is why you live it to your fullist
Exactly right and time passes very quickly!!!!!!!
i think so many people need to be told that
but what if you hate someone while doing something productive?
Hate is akin to taking poison, hoping the other person dies.
For you spanish speakers:
solo se vive una vez, ese es el lema.
Here's a better line:
Never go to bed angry. Stay awake and plot your revenge.
yeah I like the plotting revenge thing better. Some people just deserve what they get when they screw you over. But nice thought.
i dont hate anyone but people have said they hate me which upsets me  i take things too seriously
Sophia Hamid if ppl tell they hate you thats good :) bcoz they might be jealous of you !!
More hate has been caused by religion than any other cause in the history of mankind
mohd saif   it just makes me really upset  when they say it  .
im still going to hate a person in my class samantha
its the ture my dad tells me that evey b dad i  did not beevan that a frist but now i do
Yeah.  Forget about Kony.  Why bother?
Whoever said this has not met my ex-boyfriend.
Me,too busy to remember to hate anyone!!!
I would word it differently. Life is to short to spend time arguing with persons unwilling to listen and discus other than their own premises.   Too wordy but has been my recent guideline in view of advancing years (i.e., too few left to waste in useless discussions).
So true, Love your neighbors and your enemies even more! That's what God says about it! Hate is a carosive toxin that burns up your soul!!! Love is ALWAYS the answer?
noy only is it good advice, but it shows all the likers! :)
"False. Life is the longest thing you do." -Dwight K Schrute 
So true.  The haters out  there will regret what they did.  We will be the ones that are happy and not feeling guilty.
I heard that hating someone is like drinking poison yourself and waiting for the other person to die... It's just wasting ur time, just cuz u hate then doesn't mean ur bothering them
True, but hatrate can't we washed away.
True, but hatrate can't we washed away.
You have to be capable of loving to hate. It takes a strong emotional interest and a lot of energy. Not much difference between the two.
Life is too short to be sittin around people are going to talk weather you doing bad are good.
thats wy i dont hate enyone (but my bro)
my mom says that alot and sometimes doesnt apply herself to that rule
Agreed I hate hating ppl it makes me feel guilty :/
i wish my sister cassie would figure that out
Too bad the haters don't have a Google chrome account :-(
Can't all my haters get this thru their heads!
Matt V
I think it's healthy to hate sometimes. As long as you don't act on it & don't hurt others. Why do you think reality tv is so popular? Because its fun to sit, make fun of & hate people on tv. Also how can love exist without the contrast of hate?
real'll be hurting yourself in the process.
Hate is not the opposite of love. Love and Hate are only the extremes of the same emotion. Without knowing hate, love could not be measured.
so ture 
there's only so much room in your heart for hate
Yes it is. It's hard at times, but we can do it.
Yes it is. It's hard at times, but we can do it.
Yes it is. It's hard at times, but we can do it.
no haters would make the world so much better
the more time you waste hating people the more time goes bye!
No truer words were ever spoken !!!!!!
Yes life is short...but I will continue the hate <3

P.S...Note how I wrote the word 'hate' and then put a heart next to it.

some still need to learn that though
....Unless you have a time turner because you can repeat time so its never too short... 
they say the man who made time made plenty. but then who knows. i do know that as you get older time goes quickly
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NO HATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yeah, but sometimes u cant stop urself hating someone specially those who dd bad to you!!!
100 %   true   live life  have peace and happiness   SMILE
Be love with one, Be bad with none If you believe say yes I love 
True true.... But its a love hate relationship
This whole life is about how one will spend their time. Life isn't short, it's the right amount for you to do what you believe. 
you have a lot of meaningful pics, I like them very much. Thks a lot.
Let us live today as if there will be no tomorrow. Do good
that is off course true but we only hate those whom we love and LOVE IS LIFE..............
Not that the message isn't a good one, but hating doesn't really waste time. Emotion has nothing to do with time. 
Zen Red
hate is certainly not love...
and if that was true - i would love Taksin shinawatra! sorry i dont!
This is so true we must live each day as our last.
That's what Formula One all-time great Ayrton Senna, who died at the age of 34, once said: "A vida é curta demais pra se ter inimigos" ("Life is too short to have enemies"), probably alluding to his archrivalry with French nemesis Alain Prost. In the filmed on-board lap presentation shown on TV the morning Senna died he had these kind words for retired Prost, that many said were prophetic in some way: "A special hello to my dear...our dear friend Alain. We all miss you Alain." 
it is true LIFE IS TOO SHORT, to waste time hating anyone.   :)
Life is a Beach, and then you drown"
once you think about it, everyone does it. but its true.
Yes it Is nothing but true statement 
Anyone who argues this... I will pray for because we are mortal, and we carry an invisible expiration date.

Much like Fresh Milk on the dairy shelf it tastes best while it's fresh! Drink now...
hating anyone is like drink poison and wait till it damages another person..
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