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a little's good for your health you know ;)
by the way i'm a recruiter....if u need a job u contact me!
now if u accept my request we can chat online....
sweety this is a social are SUPPOSED to chat with strangers know their culture and explore the world....what are you doing here? what are you here for?SERIOUSLY?
FEEL = no friend = NO ATTITUDE
LIVE = no enemy = NO EGO
some wise guy from yemen said - some things u gotta figure it out yourself!
ha ha ha ha if this isnt funny i dont know what is.....:D
Are you telling me that I'm dying?
passion makes us awake to make our dream come
yeah,Suparna, u hit the nail on the head.
Agreed, but how do you fix that problem? Passion rarely leads people to collect garbage
I dont know, fixin styles depends on the person who reallly fix it. try ur best find ur own way of fixin.;) I believe u can succeed it.
totaly fatal..fixing need willingness on both parties
agreed if you dont have passion you wont get far my passions singing so YAAAAY!!!!!! <3
ever so true... without passion your basically a walking corpse in whatever it is your doing.
Life without passion is life without purpose.
Life without "insert noun" is fatal. Substitute compassion, love, chocolate, coffee, sex, whatever.
not watts is where crazy beby in crazy very crazy
Myles - I am glad I am not on what you are on - I prefer to be happy
+Sherley Blaise No, I don't believe you're right; you must have some motivation, passion if you will, to even be in compose. It takes skills, in my opinion, to be calm. vuv But that is just me.
It's like coffee. Take it how you like. :>
+Tori Price why is everyone like this on google plus? i'm gonna go back to just looking at peoples facebook pictures while i masturbate.
I think thats to much info to share w/ everyone > Richard ???????????? & jerking off can fatal ,also ...
looks like Vonnegut's handwriting
Lack of Passion is like a car with no Fuel
Lack of passion means you just released
p dave
its terrible to digest this fact :'(
Yes, this is very truth... Passion determines our behavior, goals and consequently the life.
I wish people on my job had more passion to do a good job.
so true whe u love someone and its impossile how canu live w out tht person its ftall:)
Nah. You can just eat kiwi or apple. 
that is a cute retort, but must remember that some things out there can be poison!
ture! bt it cums naturally ..u hv to b paitent
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