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That is so cool how the ones with the "least ability" help out the most when they r the ones who need the helping out.but I guess they know how it feels when no one offers to help u up when u need it.
Thank u but I am not even a teenager yet
I really enjoy spending time with those who've shared the same experiences with me....  :D

failed an exam? no prom date???
Ha!!! We'll just laught it off... XD

there's still NEXT TIME...
Inspiring spirit... When we fall next time, think about how we can help someone next time instead of dwelling in our misfortune...

Amen!!!!!!!!!!! these are best friends who will be by ur side
gr8 moment and good photographer take pic of not the 1 who fell down but the one who is helping to get up...everybody falls ..hats off to ppl who pull them up ...
yeh right..but even though the person did't know how it feels to fall down....... , .....have the possibilities to help you bcoz of a GOOD HEART..
Heartwarmingly lovely post... Makes my heart sm:)e... 
That's why I help my friend having a hangover!
its not being selfish, its not about wininig wining
I would love a pair of them. Totally awesome!!
this is called being human. isn't it????
somebody help others or raise them because they exactly know pain of being fallenL.......
thats so true we should b more open minded
We must imagine if the thing happens to us.
When I saw the metal feet :'( whatever u call that, and it's true indeed...
How true and how we take for granted our ability to do whatever we want, my heart goes out to these people for there bravery.
ya really that man must be brave from heart who do this in a compitition
indeed! We're also the ones that know that it is by far more important how u ran the race rather than if u won it :-)
"Man, let me sit here. Nah, im quit this race".......
The first to help me up might be me, always be ready:)
That's my cousin!!! Go Blake!!! He won a Silver and Bronze medal in this year's Paralympic Games!!!! 
Love it. Wouldn't it be great if we could all be more like this man?
its right,even friends are helpers
awwww thats soooo sweet!!!!
Wow...good stuff!! You said it Cecilia,what a way to start my day..
Emily x
I went to the athletics

Inspiring spirit to help some one.keep your good did .bro
tat's soooooooooo true...
this is the part about technology i just love & of course the wonderful sportsmanship
Great post! That's Blake Leeper from Kingsport, TN at the 2012 Paralympics in London helping his teammate up! Great guy all the way around!!! 
That is so lovely... THE TRUE FRIENDSHIP MEANING :) 
Mashallah! May God bless them!
Sad to say but this is so true
So true what a lovely quote peace be upon you all 
That was so generous of him he could of kept running and try to win the race!
its people like this that help make the world go round
True n a big Salute  to dese ppl who show wat  confidence n Self confidence can do to u! 
EVERY One needs a hand. Up 
True to that, and high respect to them.
that's the most realistic thing i'v hear in a while
that is so true I like this quote
not always, sometimes they feel its their turn to laugh.
Genius, if we can always kept in our mind, a lot of problems of our life will be finished.
great message i will keep that in mind
This is going to sound really bad, but that man is wearing the long fall boots from Portal.
See... Why can't everyone be like that? INCLUDING OBAMA!!!!
The ones who are there when you fall will stay with you when you get back up.
Defo true x this should inspire all of us to help each other amazing x
There are some twisted people who wouldn't help, relishing the fact that they know what the other is going through.
But helping is a form of sharing love :) Anyone can do it.
it never to late to get back up again but god will always be there for every one:)
We should always help others without expecting anything in return from them because God is always there for us
It's too bad more people don't subscribe to this.  The ones that help are the ones who know what it is to have compassion because they've been there done that.  The ones that don't help are probably too busy being judgmental.
+Alcatraz Anderline that isn't weird because imagine if you didn't have a leg at all and nobody wanted to help you out because you looked weird 
Ava P.
wow touching
Well said indeed!and love the pic!.:-)
Well he is really helpful to others:-D
y pick him up if he pushed him down????????????????:)
That isn't the point, it means that someone who helps you in a time of need is someone who has been through it too.
That is so inspiring and awesome to know that even that people that need help the most can still gave some to the ones who need it to
I will remember that for the rest of my life
Now that's sportsmanship! ^.^
some real neat pictures
We all need inspiration 
its true, i know from experience!
Very truest!! This world needs more of this!!
nothing imposible for human bing
کاش بعضی ازما انسانهای به ظاهرسالم کمی ازاین انسانیت واقعی راداشتیم
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