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I'm starting to get really annoyed on how these posts try to speak for everyone. :/ Speak for yourself.
+Yadial Ketema, they speak for everyone because it is true for everyone.
No. I apologize, but you're wrong. :/ I know many who disagree.
agreed.. a year may not be true for all.. but we all seem to have something that we procrastinated on and wish we would have started sooner.. I believe.. unless your like 5 .. lol  
it is like when the person get older he wish that the days of youth back...loool
"Once you have mastered time, you will understand how true it is that most people overestimate what they can accomplish in a year - and underestimate what they can achieve in a decade!" #AnthonyRobbins
If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over? ~ John Wooden
Ess Dee
This can be said about sooo many things
Not me :). I've accomplished my goals & pursuing new ones! Who's with me? I am so excited for the next part of my journey to Optimal Health! 
nega man...its never to late to start!
Great self motivation quote! College dosen't start until Aug. 27th!!
you are what you do
actualy paying more attention in school.
The one who do not learn from his past...will always live in it!!!
That is a true quote, and the truth is it has happened to people time and time again.
Sometimes they may not speak for everyone because everyone has got their time
You're a deeper thinker.  I like that.  Continue.
r u tring to  say stop being lazy!! uh
jk.. nice saying
Kassy G
whhhhhaaaaa.... oh! i get it! i think......
A year from now you will understand you are going the wrong way
comment "cheese" if u agree gay marriage is ok!!! LOL
A year from now??  I'll bet I will wish it tomorrow even !  ;-)
should of said that a year ago dont you think
what ever you dreams or hopes are in life. Maybe quitting smoking or exercising more. 
thank you
and to make others do so you cant force them to its better to show that you making a effort in something you need or want 
that is true live your dream and become succsecul
not first day not smoking hope i do it this time
Hindsight is a powerful tool, shame forethought isn't just as powerful.
Oh. Really? Yall gonna gang up on me like that? I have many things to say. Not the time though. :/
+Yadial Ketema not ganging up! Just couldn't help but question your negativity. Chin up girl, be positive. This is google+ after all
Definately not ganging up just giving you food for thought
i just started pageants and i love them!
I just don't agree with all of socity. Is that so wrong? And whos fighting? :/
Hello I don't no how this works so any hell would be great
Yadial Ketema, if this annoys you so bad why in the world do you come here? That makes absolutely no sense. Are you forced to be here? There are many of us who like it. Go make your own discussion about whatever it is you want to talk about!
Yadial, no ones ganging up. Your the one that said you don't like this site. It seems to me you were looking for a response. Why else would you say it? Your free to say whatever you want. Who's stopping you? But we are all free to say what we want too. As long as we are respectful. So what's the issue?
im going to do it to day becaus that true
A year from now I'll be glad I didn't rush things.
Could we have some serious discussion. This is a good topic. It deserves some meaningful thoughts
You Can't Make things happen if wait too late to start or if you never start.. EASY
Don't worry, there's nothing to get... it's not that profound.
Eli A
Yes! Good advice
If your on the wrong track you can start over any time and try to get it right
Well, you can't turn back time. But, as long as we are alive we can make better use of the rest of our time
And today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday!
anson s
i don't get that
Kay then I'll start now.. thx
In March I was put on probation for 90 days where I work. I work in a very difficult type of work in which it is necessary to make quick decisions under a great deal of pressure. If the wrong decision is made people can get hurt. There is a lot of room for second guessing and interpretation.

When I was put on probation I could have took the attitude that this is so unfair. Instead I decided there are others who are successfully doing this job. What must I do to be one of them? I have 90 days. If I succeed look how much I will be able to do. I am not sure yet of the outcome but I have sure learned a lot in almost 90 days. I did not waste a moment.

I probably can't be that intense all the time but I can keep learning and accomplishing things
Everyday I keep hoping to start tomorrow
Cant agree more! :)
That is my problem, summed up in eleven words!
If I'm bored I find something to stimulate my interest so I'm no longer bored. I don't sit around and stay bored. Lol
And two years from now ill forgot what i was supposed to do
Exactly what I needed to see.  Give me a bit of motivation.  Thanks for sharing
I always wish everyday than to regret coz i can't turn back yestarday!!!
Ture.. Thanks for reminding me.
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My goal is to buy red carpet jewels in 1 year. It will never happen but it's the only thing I can say that relates that post to our discussion
i can so relate... oh ooohh :s
If I could go back a few years I would change so much... procrastination is the devil.
Isn't that always the way! I hate waiting till the last minute...because its so stressful! Better to get it done, and less stress later!
Everyone likes this and that is why its in my What's Hot stream.
But what exactly are we starting?
Ummmm, i think i get it. If you want to join something right now, join it and you wont be sorry.
"Making Things Happen" is my life's philosophy! :)
This is a strange post. This post can't speak for everybody.
That is great I think everyone should live by that
I'm too busy doing what I can of all that I want right now. We are only human. I don't do regret. Things happen as they do. We can't control everything. We only do what we can. That way, there is no regret :)
watashi wa anata ni doui shimasu ( i agree with you)
This is not as hard to understand as some are making it. It simply means get started on your goals and keep working on it. If you get sidetracked you can get a fresh start but don't give up
This is exactly what I told myself last year! ha
That is why I started almost a month ago :-)
Oh shit!! Im only jus gettin over what I wished id started last year!!
thats how i feel every year :(
I always think of this quote when I procrastinate. Definitely helps
annoying comment...especially if you didn't start a year ago.
I HAVE started, just need time to continue!  Time - ever the enemy.
Re Lydia and Antony Harvell's comment - today is last year's future.
I'm going to start today! Thanks for posting this.
I prefer the positive version of this..."A year from now you will be please you had started today"
Comments on this post is across the board. It's like a parable whose meaning is not explicitly stated but not hidden. It has one meaning with a simple lesson with many applications, if you don't get caught up in the details. I also like the dry sense of humor from +Jane Vancity  +John Robinson  and +Christen Pacheco. Well stated.
*said the Republicans who wanted to drill in ANWR all those years ago.
In 2010, I said "if not in ten, then when?"
In 2011, I said "if not eleven, then when?"
If not in twelve, stay on the shelves.
Maybe in 13, I can start clean?
Dang.. is this a wake up call for me? LoL
I'm learning things now that I hope will make my life better in a year or in the future. I am enjoying things now that I took the time to start learning a year or more ago. 
I'm gonna start today. save a dollar of change or paper everyday.
Yes. Start now. Never wait until you're an expert.
Live in the moment is also very important

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