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For me, one of the most alarming aspects of Matthew Vine's presentation is that it presents Christianity in a sub-biblical way.  Vines argues for acceptance of his behavior and contends that his desire to be loved somehow supersedes the texts that would condemn him.  Yet, he claims to be Christian (and a Bible expositor, at that!).  But, genuine Christianity does not attempt to explain away sin, it calls for repentance. Nowhere in Vine's presentations or his website is their any call for repentance from sin -- beyond his claim that the church needs to repent of its position against his lifestyle.  This turns Biblical Christianity on its head. 

Worse, the blindingly-rapid descent of our society into post-Christian behavior and attitudes has convinced the majority of young folk (and politically-correct liberals) that the Biblical standards are not "set in stone."  They're flexible and disposable.  So, Biblical Christianity is viewed as being "on the wrong side of history."  (I hate it when the historic foundations of the faith can be swept aside by simple "talking points.")

You are correct, Tony.  This is not Christianity that Vines is promoting.  It's sin.  It's wolves telling sheep how they ought to cozy up to the predators that seek to destroy them.  It's as old as Satan in the Garden.

At the risk of self-promotion, may I offer an Audio Q&A we recently posted on our website called "Observations on the Current Culture War."  It may prove helpful for some folk:

Grace and peace,

Jim Mc. 
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