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Making websites earn value
Making websites earn value

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This morning and the sour cherry tree. Need to start picking them before the birds steal them all. 

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Sad but optimistic? 

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How do you get your most important information to your potential customers, directly in the SERP or Map interface?

By using through newly released "Posts" feature within Google My Business. Just released by +Google Small Business​ and +Google Maps​

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Google now gives you the ability to easily promote in the SERP as well as Maps displays

This was on my radar, and then I completely forgot about it until I saw the post from +Joy Hawkins announcing its launch. And for my restaurant clients, and many other small and local businesses, this could be a huge deal as it gives them a way to promote their specials, events, and more directly into the knowledge panel, as well as the display of the business in Google Maps.

Read on to learn more:

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Having fun with my client +Ubons BBQ Sauce & Bloody Mary Mix 's website. Recipes anyone?

(and, and made sure it uses schema markup so that it's displayed optimally in the SERP)

How do you know if you're playing to an empty bar if you never look up? 

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New work launch by +Confluent Forms LLC: NBA center for the Denver Nuggets, Mason Plumlee!

Pretty excited to share that we've launched our first website for a professional athlete, NBA center for the Denver Nuggets Mason Plumlee!

Check it out :

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Did anyone else receive a postcard today? 

When your new client's traffic metrics aren't what they thought they were...

We were hired by an organization to undertake a new online strategy development and then build out the website+. They had metrics being generated by a marketing company and their analytics tool. I asked them, before we even signed the contract for the strategy piece to start, if they'd mind installing +Google Analytics into their site, enabling us to get a "second opinion" on traffic that I could then see.

We've now started getting traffic data, and guess what: The numbers are off.

Way off.

Way WAY off.

How much off, you ask?

95% off.

I was so shocked at that discrepancy that I manually went through the vast majority of the site, checking to make sure that the Analytics code was on all pages and firing correctly.

It was.

According to Google Analytics, their website was only receiving 1/20th of the traffic that their marketing firm's tool was telling them they were getting.

Dear Business Owners and Dear Content Marketers...

First, Business Owners. Please explain to me why you hire a marketing firm that tells you to publish blog articles on your small business website such as "how to cook kale" or "how to decorate for a private event space" or "top 10 fruits to serve your guests". Content like this won't bring you customers. It's doubtful that it'll bring you search traffic. And while it might grow a follower count, you're just deluding yourself. If you're going to publish content, publish content that relates to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

Now, Content Marketers. Why the hell are you selling this junk strategy? Oh, I get it, you're giving your clients metrics that only include things like page views and session counts and saying "see? we're driving traffic!" You know that if you set up actual goals (not "smart goals") for things like purchases and reservations and whatnot that the client would see through your crappy strategy and fire you. Instead you've got them in a retainer, or worse, paying per article, on a strategy that doesn't do anything except pad your own coffers.
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