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I can't say I post a lot of positive reviews of restaurants and shops, so I thought I'd give it a try.
Midas Sacramento
2260 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825
I made an appointment on a Saturday morning and got my Honda Pilot in that afternoon, 1 pm, actually. I asked them to examine the front and rear brakes to diagnose a crunchy grinding sound, which they did, although they didn't find anything amiss. They also addressed the squeaking brakes by replacing the front pads and turning the rotors. It was about $260 total, which was less than I feared. When I left, my brake worries were gone, which is really what I was after. Great job Midas!
Quality Very Good
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Wow, they didn't put the Midas touch on you.  That would have been way north of $260 around here.  Good for you.  (I haven't been to a mechanic or shop since 1989, since I do all of my own work at home or at a friend's garage.)
Have you ever written a positive review for a shop or a restaurant?
I'm not the reviewer type; as in I do not go somewhere and predetermine that I am going to review every business or eatery that I patronize, as you see some people do on social networks.  They have to really 'wow" me or ultimately disappoint me beyond my expectations.  I'm a simple person, and it takes a lot to really do either of the two.

With that being said, yes, I have positively reviewed some businesses in the past because of they went above my expectations or went out of their way for some reason or another.   I have literally trashed a restaurant in other review to the point the owner begged me to come back in for another chance.    
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