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The only restaurant in Myrtle Beach with table-side dining and arguably the best fine dining meal you will have in Myrtle Beach. The best Caesar salad you may have in your life prepared at your table from scratch.
1212 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577-3635, USA
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Great!Now you've got me hungry for a Caesar salad!!

E Stearns

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So many of us see life as we want to see it. Don't listen to the Center for Creative Reality. Only the Truth will free us.
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Hk Akel
Preach it!!!!

E Stearns

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In the comments section an individual claims to be an atheist yet in the next sentence uses “good god”. I would call that conflicted, not atheist. A following comment speaks of the Marines “Tebowing” at a game. Do they forget the the Marine Corps motto “God, Country, Core”? God is first for a reason...loyal to God first. Yet another comment is about the pretentiousness of Christian gossips. This only proves that sin is rampant in every human, including Christians. It does not prove that Christianity is wrong. Quite the opposite; it proves we all need salvation.

In another comment an individual states it is legal to “Tebow” as long as it is “not being led by a government representative”. People need to realize that the separation of church and state legislation was perverted over 50 years ago to its current meaning of no church related activities or displays in or by government. The original intent was merely to prevent the government from creating a government endorsed religion. During the founding of our country this was to allow any religion to have an equal right to practice in the United States. It was NEVER to prevent religion within the government.

E Stearns

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Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
Computer repair/services and printed media sales
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Love this place! Great happy hour with super prices on sushi! Fantastic selection of beers!
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