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The year is 2022, two years after Trump's first term. Soylent Corp exists and already has problems feeding all its customers...

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Swords! I've been studying shamshir blades lately. Bid on a few auctions but haven't landed one yet. Most of the good ones are many thousands of $$, but there are a few old clinkers out there that go for under $500. Worth studying even if they're not the best quality.

Post has attachment has 268,900 full time employees. They're piloting a program of part-time teams who will work 30 hr weeks with more flex time. 

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Conservative lobbyist group "American Encore" is a Koch Brothers funded organization that pushes the Koch's agendas in DC.
Their agendas:

Protect Free Speech:
What "Free Speech" means to this group is upholding the Citizen's United act, which was paid for by the Citizens United PAC, also a Koch Brothers group. You know, "corporations are people too" and limiting the amount of money corporations can spend to control elections was declared unconstitutional in a 5/4 vote in the Supreme Court. Citizens United assures that companies can spend unlimited amounts of money on electioneering, as long as they disclose where that money comes from. It guarantees that money can continue to run politics. Congress's only power over this kind of action is to require disclosure of funding, but it's simple enough to hide massive amounts of political leverage behind PACs and optimistically named non-profits.

Promote Free Markets:
Companies can regulate themselves and the government has no business doing so. According to free-market principles, all regulation harms innovation. If it makes money, it's obviously good, right? What harm can anything be doing it it's profitable?

Restore Fiscal Responsibility:
By killing funding of all government programs. Privatize everything, because the free market (above) is the answer to all our problems.
Money will make the greatness float to the top!

Return America To Greatness:
This is just a space to bash democracy, skewer non-Republican candidates and promote tax relief for corporations, and to push the idea that America has faltered since the election of Barack Obama, and that Reaganomics will bring it back to glory.

I do not believe money should be free to run politics. Money does not represent the will of the people. Money shapes the will of the people to its purposes through manipulation and misinformation.

"American Encore" is just one of the many groups out there manipulating the courts to promote its funding member's agendas. One of these agendas is to open up the uranium mines for business around the Grand Canyon. This is obviously an instance of a few very rich individuals throwing money behind a dangerous and risky cause that will only benefit them financially. For everyone else, the negative effects of mining uranium in the area will be extremely costly. The Colorado river is the principle water way in the southwest next to the Rio Grande. It's the lifeline in the desert for millions of people and wild animals. You cannot mine uranium in that region without polluting the Colorado river, period. Even if it was possible, the companies involved would not bother to spend the money to make it a zero impact operation. It's easier and more profitable to manipulate the political process with the money they'd otherwise spend developing technology to make sustainable energy.

My team is currently hiring (Expedia/Egencia)

Software Development Engineer II (UI Engineer) Job ID #42062:
Focus is on front-end, UI development, with experience in javascript UI frameworks like Angular.js, responsive UI, etc.

Software Development Engineer II Job ID #42844:
Focus is on full stack development – java services and some basic UI. Experience with C++ would be beneficial.

Software Development Engineer II Job ID #42845:
Focus is on full stack development – java services and some basic UI. Experience with C++ would be beneficial.

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