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Stories about Las Vegas when the Strip wasn't a canyon of concrete, steel, and glass.
Stories about Las Vegas when the Strip wasn't a canyon of concrete, steel, and glass.

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I am pleased to announce that my Las Vegas crime novel, Joey's Place, is now available. Visit my author page for more information. Thank you!

(If you use the Barnes & Noble NOOK reader, please check their site in a few days.)

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Just received from publisher: "... we found a lot to like in your work but not a whole lot to criticize... well done." Now it's time to buckle-down and review their comments. We could be looking at a March 1 publishing date. 
Here's an image that gives you an idea what was happening in town in December 1970.

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The woman in the conference room turned and he saw her in profile. She wore a brown blazer over a turtleneck sweater and her lighter brown skirt stopped just above her knees. They were very nice knees. He knew who those knees belonged to. 
Granddaughter of a city pioneer. Daughter of a big-time, if shady, gambler. Miss Helldorado 1957. Champion horse jumper and barrel-racer. Major figure in the town’s social scene. Involved with all the local charities and causes. Two lucrative divorces behind her. Now married to the Casbah’s genius. 
She hung up the phone and smiled at him. Heber smiled back. The pictures in the newspapers didn’t do her justice.

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Nice to receive on a hectic Tuesday... "JW Nelson's debut novel is a crackling detective drama featuring corrupt cops, crooked casino bosses, and a murder that leaves a bloody footprint up and down the sizzling Strip."
Thank you, John!

"Pithy." Do you think that describes the style of Raymond Chandler? 
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