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Meaning of Ritual
Maria Popova wrote in a post: I think a great deal about the difference between routine and ritual as a special case of our more general and generally trying quest for balance — ripped asunder by the contrary longings for control and whimsy, we
routinize d...

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Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee
Artist Guy Laramée Carves a Mountainous Landscape with Bird Portraits Painted On Secondhand Books Featuring Their Native Brazilian Habitats, #artpeople
Submit your Artwork and join our artists @
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Motion Creates
Moving our bodies is a great way to feed our creative spirit. There is a wonderful article on Brainpickings that discuss wanderlust: With the hindsight of a decade and a half, Solnit’s book emerges as triply timely today, as we struggle to master that ever ...

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Mind Mapping For Inspiration
Mind Mapping is a great way to free up your imagination and see where it leads. Mind mapping is one of our assignments in Rituals Of Creativity™. You start with a central thought, problem, idea or project...then branch out from there. It's am amazing tool w...

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Hero's Journey
This animated video by Matthew Winkler is a wonderful tutorial on the Hero's Journey. A journey we all take, no matter how small or large our goals. Many writers use these steps when creating their story line. I also feel that the stages of the Hero's Journ...

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Find Your Color Palette From The Masters
I want to share with you a blog post on color palettes of master artists. Art Varsity is the website, and they have taken 35 famous paintings and listed the dominant colors used by the artists. This is a cool idea and a great way to find out what color comb...

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Just Look At Your Stuff - Monday Morning Musing
Journal Page from Rituals Of Creativity™ Online Class I find that to move forward in life we must look at our stuff! This means knowing our internal fears and writing them down. Acknowledging our fears and then moving past them. This is a lifetime pursuit -...

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Painters need paint and brushes. When we teach workshops people always ask about brushes and which ones to use. For workshops I usually get a pack of cheap brushes that work well but sometimes they fall short. These brushes are by Artowl and you can get the...

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Sunset In Desert Botanical #creativity #beauty #art
I took this photograph when visiting the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens. Desert beauty can be breathtaking. The glass art sculpture is a Chihuly whose art always inspires. I love my iPhone because I can snap a photo in just seconds. And sometimes I get lu...

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