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JDeveloper 12c error javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: While trying to lookup 'jdbc.LocalSvcTblDataSource'
Today I noticed mysterious error when I run any web application in my JDeveloper 12.2.1. This is the stack trace: [ecid: badadddc-e435-47c7-9b26-b7a8c0331704-00000048,0] [partition-name: DOMAIN] [tenant-name: GLOBAL] CCW auto-republish services error [[

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getClass().getResource() searches relative to the .class file
while getClass().getClassLoader().getResource() searches relative to the classpath root. To obtain current path you can run public game(){
String currentPath = this.getClass().getResource(""...

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*WebcenterSites Failed gateway redirect Redirect failed due to illegal URL*
Sometimes after installation and configuration of Webcenter Sites, when we try to log in, we get the 500 error with message: javax.servlet.ServletException: Failed gateway redirect Redirect failed due to illegal URL htt...

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Checking Weblogic version
To check Weblogic version go to WL_HOME/server/bin and run Next run java weblogic.version #java weblogic.version

WebLogic Server  Tue Nov 15 08:52:36 PST 2011 1441050

Use 'weblogic.version -verbose' to get subsystem information

Use ...

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How to resolve: java.lang.ClassCastException: cannot be cast to
Hi. Today I will share easy recipe to resolve following error: <org.jsfportal.shiro.FacebookRealm> <FacebookRealm> <doGetAuthenticationInfo> <Throwable: cannot be cast to>

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Certificate chain received from - failed hostname verification check. Certificate contained * but check expected
How to avoid following Weblogic error when implementing "authentication and authorization via facebook": <2015-05-17 20:59:29 CEST> <Warning> <Security> <BEA-090504> <Certificate chain received from - failed hostname verificati...

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Replacement for $( document ).ready() in ADF
A page can't be manipulated safely until the document is "ready." To detect this state of readiness you must use some javascriprt code. As I think the most “famous” approach is to use jQuery $( document ).ready() . The code will only run once the page Docum...

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*No suitable driver found for jdbc:postgresql:// or jdbc:mysql://*
Today about simple but burdensome exception from ADF model tester.
This exception is usually "guaranteed" when you try to run Model tester against non-Oracle database and do not set up your Model project properly: C:\Oracle\Middleware2\Oracle_Home\oracle_co...

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Oracle SOA/BPM: Exception in Enterprise Manager
Today my new deployed composite doesn't appeared in EM under soa-infra tree, but when I clicked on the partition branch it was visible in the list of the applications. Unfortunatelly when I clicked on my composite then appeared an horrible:) exception: 2015...

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ADF Essentials: Error "No credential could be loaded for Reference = Reference Class Name: oracle.jdeveloper.db.adapter.DatabaseProvider" after deployment ADF 12.3 application to Glassfish 3.1.2
Today about horrible error message:   [#|2015-03-31T15:46:47.729+0200|WARNING|glassfish3.1.2|oracle.adf.share.jndi.ReferenceStoreHelper|_ThreadID=198;_ThreadName=Thread-2;|No credential could be loaded for Reference = Reference Class Name: oracle.jdeveloper...
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