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Find their thing
Uncommon designs by independant artists like me Worldwide shipping/Paypal accepted!

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New products now available!
Browse here:
Acrylic blocks
Vibrant back mounted photographic prints
☥ 1" (2.5 cm) thick solid free-standing acrylic block for desk, table top or shelves
☥ Diamond cut sides provide a sharp image from any angle
☥ Hand polished for a crystal clear finish
☥ Available in 4×4" (10×10 cm) and 6×6" (15×15 cm)
Featured product: Into the Cloisters, The Medieval World

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4 Day Sale 25% off ALL Duvet covers and Pillows
posted by +Aakheperure Merytsekhmet 
Direct URLs for featured items:
Duvet cover:
Wedjet Eye throw pillows:
Nekhbet Vulture throw Pillow

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Tis the Season: To give like an Egyptian
60% OFF
☥ Greeting Cards ☥ Postcards
50% OFF
Wrapping Paper ☥ Gift Bags ☥ Tissue Paper ☥ Ribbon ☥ Stickers ☥ Favor Boxes
Plates ☥ Table Cloths ☥ Paper Napkins ☥ Laminated Placemats ☥
30% OFF
Bags ☥ Cases ☥ Luggage Tags ☥ Travel Mugs ☥ Notebooks
Ends Friday 21st November 2014

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Sleep like an Egyptian
posted by +Aakheperure Merytsekhmet 
New on the Redbubble store: Duvet cover with matching throw pillows to sleep like a king or queen, based on KV34 (Thutmose III) and the tombs of the nobles of Ancient Thebes.
Available in twin, queen and king sizes
Kheker frieze duvet cover:
Kheker frieze pillow:
Red Egyptian tiles pillow:
Imperishable stars pillow:
Pillows available in 3 sizes, with or without filling.
#ancientegypt   #egyptianart  

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What's New At the Zoo
posted by +Aakheperure Merytsekhmet 
All my Ts are now available in a Unisex tank and ladies Scoop neck along with Unisex T-Shirt, Girly Fit, V-Neck, Baseball 3/4 Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Organic T-Shirt & Girly Fit, Hoodie (Pullover and Zippered)
Get cool things you won't see anywhere else, support an independent artist (me!) and know that this product was not made in a sweatshop.
Check out the designs:
#coolstuff   #sweatshopfree  

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Fancy something a little bit different for your tree this year?

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Hail to thee… Thou great white one, at whose beauty the Ennead rejoices

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Introducing Celtic at Heart
Remember, if you have a request for a product, or different colours than the items listed, you can let me know via the Send Message facility in the navigation bar or contact me through Google Plus. I hope you like this new range.

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Fresh for Spring in the North, Cozy for Autumn in the South
New pastels of the I am a Stag: Of Seven Tines design available in T-shirts and Hoodies from my Redbubble store.
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