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I'm here to talk about games

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NTRPG attendees:
Doug Rhea was complaining about the lack of Fri/Sat games so at +bailey nichols's prodding I dusted off an old thing I used to do called Castle Ravenvania with one very exciting twist; two tables that will merge for one finale!

So two things:
1) Go sign up already, jeez... It's been up for like 11 minutes now.

2) I always restock the rooms in advance of the game with new favorite beasties from/references to Castlevania, D&D, some episode of Star Trek I just saw, etc.
I hope with the addition of Bailey to tap the previously unrealized wealth of True Blood tropes, but:
What are your favorite vampire, or vampire adjacent things that I should stick in my games as pre-gen PCs or monsters?

(do not say Blade, 'cause he's totally already in, duh)

Knockdown, pg. 52.

As written it's Strength vs Agility.

So Dunbar the Average (ST: 10, AG:10) goes to knock down Magnar the Brute (ST:12, AG 8). Both are size 1.
Dunbar is pretty likely to knock poor Magnar over, despite Magnar's impressively solid frame.

I'm considering a house-rule of vs higher of ST/AG, but I'm curious to hear community feedback. I hear you on low AG = clumsy, but unless Dunbar knows judo, it seems like it should be tougher to take down a brick house. 

Guys, I'll actually have to put this game on hiatus for the foreseeable future.
Weekday gaming just doesn't seem to be an option right now for me what with work and all, and I don't want to leave y'all hanging every Monday until I get my schedule figured out.

Go forth and game! I bet there are a bunch of other good games happening on Monday for you to get your fix with instead.

+Paul Wolfe,+Sarah Pritsker,+Arthur Fisher,+Kat Fisher

No game tonight y'all. Work's not gonna leave any room for gaming today :(

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+Paul Wolfe; +Sarah Pritsker; +Kat Fisher; +Arthur Fisher; +bailey nichols

Do we have a quorum for tonight at 7?

Tonight at 7PM Central.

+Paul Wolfe
+Arthur Fisher
+Kat Fisher
+bailey nichols
+James MacGeorge
(Kat can you + Sarah? I need to circle her)

I'll post the hangout in the comments here a little before the game.
Below are the fortunes of Ravenloft, since you'll probably want those for reference.

1)This card tells of history. Knowledge of the ancient will help you better understand your enemy.
Card: 7 of Cups; Illusion
I see a lonely mill on a precipice. The Treasure lies within.

2)This card tells of a powerful force for good and protection. A holy symbol of great hope.
Card: 2 of Wands; Power
Look to the One Who Sees All. The treasure is in her camp.
(And it was. You got the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind).

3)This is a card of power and strength. It tells of a weapon of vengeance; a sword of sunlight.
Card: Ace of Pentacles (coins); Abundance
I see the skeleton of a deadly warrior, lying on a bed of stone, flanked by stone demons.

4) This card sheds light on one who will help you greatly in the battle against darkness.
Card: The Empress
Evil's own bride is the one you seek!

5) Though your enemy will find you many times, it is here where you will find him, and only here where he must stand against you.
Card: Justice
The beast awaits you atop his dark throne.

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What luck!
You were able to recover Richard Belzar's "Travel Guide to Ravenloft" from his corpse!
A bloodstained map was tucked within:

I had a fun time tonight, but realizing that time management is tougher with hangout games I make the following promise: Traveling will still be dangerous, but there will be a lower chance of encounters than the book as written going forward.
Look to the fortunes of Ravenloft for clues as to your next step. Good luck but remember, Strahd is watching!
See y'all next week!
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