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I'm here to talk about games
I'm here to talk about games

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GenCon peeps:
+bailey nichols's Castle Ravenvania game is suffering from a high drop rate (Friday mornings amirite?).
Come to Lucas Oil Contessa area if you wanna play DCC from 12. to 4.
You can win a pretty sweet medal.

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Unsolicited request for unsolicited advice from anyone who's run it.
Sorry Mr. Bittman. If I'm gonna run The One Who Watches from Below in 4 hours, some of this stuff has gotta gooooo.

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3 down, 17 to go...
And then a bunch of other stuff to do. Ugh, I wish I was still twelve.
Psi.docx - Google Drive
Psi.docx - Google Drive

+Paul Wolfe Asked me to make a community page to house all the wonderful homebrew stuff y'all are working on for DCC. Maybe this will just be me and Paul talking about psionics. Who knows?

Theoretical FAQ:
Q: Why not just use the DCC community group?
A: There's a lot of other chatter in the DCC community that would push discussions of Shit I/You Made For DCC further down in the stream. I want this community to be focused on asking for and giving feedback on the cool stuff that we will someday post to that group. You'll note that "Discussion" is not a category you can post to in this community That's on purpose.

Q: Why are you yelling at me?
A: Because you're trying to sell something, or posting about playing Fate's Fell Hand at Dragon's Den last weekend, or posting about a new class system you made for FATE, or using the Moderator Yelling category without yelling at/as a moderator. Let the name of the community guide you. Are you talking about shit you made for DCC?

Q: What is Moderator Yelling For?
A: It's for me to tell people how they're using this group incorrectly, or for people to tell me how to make this group better. Make your suggestions for new categories there.

Q: Hey I'm doing it right, why are you telling me what's wrong with the Shit I Made For DCC?
A: I'm assuming you want people to see your WIP stuff so that you can make it better. If not, just say so in your post. I'll try and say nice and encouraging things too, but my bias is going to be to point out areas that I think can be improved. I hope to suffer your own slings and arrows as well. There's a lot of eye-of-the-beholder to RPG rules though, so once everyone's made their point, go ahead and leave it alone. You could always just steal their best ideas and go make your own, obviously superior version of a "random spider leg appearance chart" or whatever you were debating.

NTRPG attendees:
Doug Rhea was complaining about the lack of Fri/Sat games so at +bailey nichols's prodding I dusted off an old thing I used to do called Castle Ravenvania with one very exciting twist; two tables that will merge for one finale!

So two things:
1) Go sign up already, jeez... It's been up for like 11 minutes now.

2) I always restock the rooms in advance of the game with new favorite beasties from/references to Castlevania, D&D, some episode of Star Trek I just saw, etc.
I hope with the addition of Bailey to tap the previously unrealized wealth of True Blood tropes, but:
What are your favorite vampire, or vampire adjacent things that I should stick in my games as pre-gen PCs or monsters?

(do not say Blade, 'cause he's totally already in, duh)

Knockdown, pg. 52.

As written it's Strength vs Agility.

So Dunbar the Average (ST: 10, AG:10) goes to knock down Magnar the Brute (ST:12, AG 8). Both are size 1.
Dunbar is pretty likely to knock poor Magnar over, despite Magnar's impressively solid frame.

I'm considering a house-rule of vs higher of ST/AG, but I'm curious to hear community feedback. I hear you on low AG = clumsy, but unless Dunbar knows judo, it seems like it should be tougher to take down a brick house.

Guys, I'll actually have to put this game on hiatus for the foreseeable future.
Weekday gaming just doesn't seem to be an option right now for me what with work and all, and I don't want to leave y'all hanging every Monday until I get my schedule figured out.

Go forth and game! I bet there are a bunch of other good games happening on Monday for you to get your fix with instead.

+Paul Wolfe,+Sarah Pritsker,+Arthur Fisher,+Kat Fisher

No game tonight y'all. Work's not gonna leave any room for gaming today :(

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+Paul Wolfe; +Sarah Pritsker; +Kat Fisher; +Arthur Fisher; +bailey nichols

Do we have a quorum for tonight at 7?
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