Cairo-Dock 3.2.99 Alpha 2 is now available!
What's new since the version 3.2.1? Not so many visible things but the structure of the core has been rewritten! The source code is now a bit easier to understand and maintained (easier to support more X servers, etc.) due to the use of the same structure (object oriented) and should be more optimised.

Note that a few bugs have been fixed and a few features have been introduced: more options to package a theme (custom icons will be added to the theme), Application Menu applet has a '*search box*' to quickly find an application, a better integration of Cinnamon, LoginD is used by default if available, PowerManager applet now better handle the case where a device is added / removed (and resuming from suspend), new functions available on DBus API, a annoying bug with the translations of third-party applets has been fixed, etc.

Feel free to test it and report any bugs/ideas ;)

And of course, feel free to help our very very small team ;) => http://glx-dock.org/ww_page.php?p=How%20to%20help%20us&lang=en

Bitcoin address: 1LzGTBaXfi3UXp19Y1VRdJvjeVDXPQ11Rv
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