Yet another bug-fix version for the 3.1 series ;)
The 3.1.2 version is now available!

Feel free to share this news (and screenshots, screencasts, etc.) ;)

For a detailed changelog and more info, please have a look at this webpage:

How to install it:

e.g. for Ubuntu users: launch these commands from a terminal

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ## if Cairo-Dock is already installed
    sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins ## if Cairo-Dock is not installed

(our PPA and our repositories for Debian and Ubuntu have been updated too)

Enjoy this new bug-fix version


PS: Detailed ChangeLog:
Core: [by Fabrice Rey & +Matthieu Baerts]
* Dialogues Mgr:
  - cairo_dock_set_dialog_message (used by Help): used markup if it's needed
  - Fixed 2 bugs when an icon holding a modal dialog is destroyed
* GUI:
  - Search for an icon path if the module gives us only the name of its icon (e.g. Deluge, Transmission, Menus)
   - Simple: Behavior: Position of the taskbar: 'After a given icon' choise was missing
* Icon Mgr: removed a now useless static mutex
* Init:
   - Initialised threads on new versions of GLib (>= 2.24)
   - This should finally fix a crash when opening Logout menu
* Help: Used markup for the dialogues
* Menu: Quit with a Cairo-Dock session: check if it's really the shift key which is used to unlock the quit menu entry

Plug-ins: [by Fabrice Rey & +Matthieu Baerts]
* Clock: If seconds are not shown, redrawn the applet each time at 00 second (before the timer wasn't started with a delay and the applet was redrawn between 00 and 60 seconds)
* GMenu: Editor: also check if 'menulibre' is available
* RSSreader:
   - Make the text selectable in the dialog
   - Fixed incorrect duration of the dialog when no URL/connection
* MusicPlayer: if the music player has given a wrong .desktop filename, check if it's a valid name before doing something more
* Status-Notifier:
   - When the icon theme changes, remove the previous one first
   - Position of the Menu: e.g. with Dropbox: the menu is out of the screen every time something has changed in this menu (it displays 'connecting', free space available, etc.) -> we need to reposition it.
   - Fixed lots of corner cases (mainly for Skype)
   - Added full support of the Ubuntu indicator application API, for program that only use this one (and not the standard Status-Notifier API), like Skype
   - Implemented an horrible hack for Skype (it only creates its item when the host appears, not if the host already exists)
   - Updated the property HasStatusNotifierHostRegistered to IsStatusNotifierHostRegistered
   - Check for item unicity on creation (fixes the Skype double item)
E.g. with Dropbox, the menu is firstly drawn out of the screen and then it's ok
* Misc.:
   - CMakeLists.txt: DBusMenu GLib and GTK are needed for Indicator-Applet

Third-Party applets: [by Fabrice Rey & +Matthieu Baerts]
* GTG:
   - Supported both old (0.2) and new (0.3) versions
   - Handle the case where we receive the child before its parent
   - Used the GTG icons from the icon theme if available
   - Tried to reconnect to GTG when building the menu if it's not connected (if GTG is installed after or has been launched with a delay at startup
* MintMenu: updated to match the latest version of MintMenu (that uses mateapplet instead of gnomeapplet)
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