A new version is available on our "weekly ppa"! (and on our BZR repository of course ;) )

What's new?*
 * Icon: Improved sizing algorithm and speed up the icon loading
 * Tried to make overlays (emblem, quickinfo) less blurry
 * Overlays: improve placement on the grid, avoiding both blur and jerky movement
 * OpenGL: Improved OpenGL backend.
 * Taskbar: minimized window thumbnail is back !
 * Taskbar: fixed spurious demands of attention
 * Menu: Windows actions: use the 'GtkButton' style
 * Menu: Sticky support to (un)stick windows from Cairo-Dock's menu.
 * Application Mgr: Hide dock if active window overlaps: if this active window doesn't have any icon and only if it has a parent, hide the dock if this window is above it (e.g. 'About' windows, 'Properties' windows, 'Search' windows, etc.)
 * Desklets: when the screen resolution changes, replace the desklets at their correct position
 * Theme Mgr: package theme with the right terminal (and should work even if no terminal is found even XTerm (e.g. on Linux Mint Mate, $TERM says that XTerm is available but it is not...))
 * Class Mgr: fixed a possible crash if we choose to 'place the taskbar after a given icon' but then we remove this icon and restart the dock
 * CMakeLists: added the possibility to compile the dock without X11 ext. (to prepare support of other X managers)

 * New plug-in: Sound-effects: add sounds to various events in the dock. Just unless so essential! :)
 * Notes-taking: allow the applet to work without tomboy/gnote
 * RSSreader: make the text selectable in the dialogue
 * Slide/Parabolic view: don't use the whole screen, or it's impossible to leave the sub-dock
 * Keyboard Indicator: rewritten xklavier part by following libxklavier's demo. Should be better on KDE/XFCE
 * + added the possibility to display more or less letter on the icon
 * Messaging Menu: used Indicator3 if it's available (not only on Ubuntu 12.10)
 * Logout: added GDM support for user switching
 * Shortcuts: fixed a crash (corruption of the bookmarks list)
 * MusicPlayer: Improved dialogue with information about the current track
 * Clock: update the icon with the correct time when the session has just returned from suspend or hibernate.
 * + Resync with the correct second when the signal is received.
 * PowerManager: avoid a crash (when receiving null client from UPower)
 * Netspeed: don't suppose that the 1st interface is the loopback
 * + if no interface is set in the config panel (default settings), monitor all interfaces except loopback
 * Dustbin: avoid an infinite loop if a corrupted file is added in the trash

@PACKAGERS: It's possible that you'll have to modify your configuration files if are using CMake flags to customise your packages ;)
=> 'enable_gtk_grip' has been renamed: 'disable-gtk-grip' and it's now a boolean (ON/OFF/TRUE/FALSE)
=> 'enable-desktop-manager' 'force-gtk2' 'force-lib64' 'force-icon-in-menus' are now booleans too
=> Same thing for all plugins: e.g. -Denable-gmenu=ON (and not -Denable-gmenu=yes)
=> DBus: 'cairo-dock-unity-bridge' has been renamed to 'cairo-dock-launcher-API-daemon'. This script is not really a bridge but it replaces the Unity Launcher API daemon.
Unity is not required, if an application supports the Unity Launcher API, the dock should act as "Unity's dock".

How to add this ppa?
 sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team/weekly
 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
# or if CD is not already installed => # sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins

Please report all bugs on our forum/LP bugs tracker ;)

Do you want to help us but you don't know how to do that? Easy even if you're not a developer ;) :
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