Hello everyone,

Just a few words about the next stable version (3.2.0). It will be released soon (a few days).
So feel free to report any bugs (even tiny details) and check if all themes, all options, the translations, etc. are corrects! ;)

Thank you for your help!

PS: how to test:
* If you're on Ubuntu, you can use our Weekly ppa: http://wiki.glx-dock.org/?p=ppa%20Weekly
* Or you can compile it by yourself (it's not complicated: http://www.glx-dock.org/ww_page.php?p=From%20BZR&lang=en

PS²: Do you want to help us but you don't know how? http://glx-dock.org/ww_page.php?p=How%20to%20contribute&lang=en
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