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Cairo-Dock | Glx-Dock
A light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs (GNU/Linux)
A light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs (GNU/Linux)

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cairo-dock on cinnamon 2.6

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Cairo-Dock 3.4 is now available!

TL;DR: what are the main changes?
 * Menus: added the possibility to customise them
 * Style: unified the style of all components of the dock
 * Better integration with Compiz (e.g. when using the Cairo-Dock session) and Cinnamon
 * Applications Menu and Logout applets will wait the end of an update before displaying notifications
 * Various improvements for Applications Menu, Shortcuts, Status-Notifier and Terminal applets
 * Start working on EGL and Wayland support
 * And as always ... various bug fixes and improvements!

Important note: We just switched from BZR to GIT on Github, feel free to fork!
And GTK 2 support has been dropped.

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Cairo-Dock 3.3.2 is available!
It's a "bug-fix" version, more details there:

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Cairo-Dock 3.3 - 4 actions in one picture!
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Cairo-Dock/Glx-Dock 3.3.1 is now available! :)

For more information about the ChangeLog, how to install it, how to improve it, etc., please have a look at this webpage:

And for some details, screenshots, screencasts, tips, etc.:

Hope you'll like it :)
And feel free to help us improving it ;)

Enjoy this new version!


PS: please share this news ;)

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A new tiny feature has been added in Cairo-Dock 3.2.99 Alpha 2: The launcher can be animated until the corresponding application opens!
Screencast: (when using a delay of 3 seconds before launching the application)
This feature is available in our BZR repos and it will be available in our '*weekly ppa*' (for Ubuntu users) in a few hours!
I hope you'll enjoy it ;)

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We're still looking for new themes and/or new versions of all already available themes.
e.g.: Our 'MacOSX' theme is a bit old (made a few years ago) and none of us are using and have already used MacOSX more than 15min :)

Maybe are you interested to contribute to this project by proposing new versions of these themes? Or by proposing new (original?) themes? Maybe we can add a few of them on our servers ;)
Feel free to start a new topic on our forum:

And feel free to add new screenshots on our website ;)
Share screenshots of your desktop with other ;)

PS: don't forget to check if your images are not under a too restricted license

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Cairo-Dock 3.2.99 Alpha 2 is now available!
What's new since the version 3.2.1? Not so many visible things but the structure of the core has been rewritten! The source code is now a bit easier to understand and maintained (easier to support more X servers, etc.) due to the use of the same structure (object oriented) and should be more optimised.

Note that a few bugs have been fixed and a few features have been introduced: more options to package a theme (custom icons will be added to the theme), Application Menu applet has a '*search box*' to quickly find an application, a better integration of Cinnamon, LoginD is used by default if available, PowerManager applet now better handle the case where a device is added / removed (and resuming from suspend), new functions available on DBus API, a annoying bug with the translations of third-party applets has been fixed, etc.

Feel free to test it and report any bugs/ideas ;)

And of course, feel free to help our very very small team ;) =>

Bitcoin address: 1LzGTBaXfi3UXp19Y1VRdJvjeVDXPQ11Rv

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Approximately 2 weeks after the release of the 3.2.0 version, a new bug-fix version (3.2.1) is now available! :)

Feel free to share this news (and screenshots, screencasts, etc.) ;)

For a detailed changelog and more info, please have a look at this webpage:

How to install it:

e.g. for Ubuntu users: launch these commands from a terminal

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade ## if Cairo-Dock is already installed
    sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins ## if Cairo-Dock is not installed

(our PPA and our repositories for Debian and Ubuntu have been updated too. Our repository for Fedora will be updated asap!)

Enjoy this new bug-fix version


PS: Note that if you like this work, don't hesitate to help us by reporting bugs, by donating with Paypal, Flattr and/or Bitcoin, by translating the dock, by proposing new themes or new patches, by proposing new ideas, by posting an article on your blog, or simply by writing a little comments here or on our forum!

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Cairo-Dock will be available on Windows 8 soon! A new session for Windows 8 to replace the Metro interface! :)

For more details:
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