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Hey calling all LADIES on Google Plus that want to have their say and give their opinion! My name is Sam I am The CEO for +THE HANGOUT SHOW 
My partner is the Owner/Founder of The Hangout Show. When we originally came on plus my partner spent some time bouncing round the rooms to find some intelligent people to converse with and in the process, he came across some interesting characters from all walks of life. He decided he had seen enough and he became inspired with a vision. He came up with an idea and set it into motion with some other people of a like-mind. We started in February 2012 and our following has exploded. His vision is to create a 24/7 hangout full of entertainment from a variety of acts from all around the world. He hopes this will not only be entertaining for people but teach each other about respecting one another and learning about each other’s’ cultures which I think is an awesome thing.

It's quite apparent that the majority of Google pluser's are of the male species. Although I have noticed the girls increasing, we are still seriously under represented here and especially in the hangouts. What we are hoping is to host a ladies show to discuss this in an On Air broadcast as a message to men who wonder why there are no or very little ladies in the hangout. 

In my experience, the reason behind this is because some (NOT ALL) men make it an un-comfortable experience for a woman. I have been involved in hangouts where as soon as a female comes in they are zoned in on by certain type of men that start professing their undying love for a woman they have never met before, I have even seen some men beg to see body parts or worse still decide to flash parts of their own. Whilst I laugh it off I still find it totally pathetic and I think women are missing out because of these characters. They are put off by the unwanted attention they will receive in the hangout. I, personally, just want to be treated as a normal human being and be part of great discussions and not have someone constantly shouting my name above everyone else talking or typing their msn, yahoo etc in the chat box in the hope I will be stupid enough to add them. 

On The Hangout Show, we pride ourselves on making it a comfortable environment for every one and we are about discussion and fun. There are plenty of websites on the internet people can go to, to feed their fetishes, but we do not want to be any part of that. This is more a place to come to meet and converse with interesting people from all over the world and learn about each other. 

We are planning on holding a Women’s’ Show this coming Friday to discuss this and other issues on a weekly basis so if you want to be part of this then add The Hangout Show to your circles plus one us and share us with your friends. Pop along to The Hangout Show, hangout anytime you see the room open, and see and feel the atmosphere for yourself. Hope to see you there!! 

And if you would like to give me your input on topics you would like discussed on the show or come on the show yourself then reply to this post or private message me on G+. I would really love to hear from you
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