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Jennifer Bell
Very blessed and loving life!
Very blessed and loving life!

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It's a Par-TEE!
I now have a four year old and a one year old. Excuse me while I uncurl myself from the fetal position.   What a wonderful whirlwind of a week it's been.   On Wednesday, Baker turned FOUR! We had a fabulous celebration of all things HIM!   If anybody knows ...

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More than Mere Words
Three words together.   My heart could burst.   "Raining. Daddy. 'Brella."   Oh the prayers that have covered his lips and tongue. The pleading I've done with God to hear his voice. The thoughts birthed in his brain, etched on his heart, seemingly stuck lik...

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Four Year Flashback
Tonight, I told Baker the story of this day four years ago. May 5, 2012. My language was a little more kid-friendly, using less technical terms. But the message was the same. You are chosen. You are loved. You are enough. You are ours. It was a warm May Fri...

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2015: Year in Review
What a year it's been!   What a most wonderfully perfect year it's been for our little family.   As I look back on each picture, and remember each day, each minute in which it was captured, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness.   Two thousand, fifteen was a y...

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Date Your Spouse
A few days ago, Brian and I took advantage of a rare opportunity to take a day date. What a perfect day! We got to drop the boys off at school. Together. Such a little joy with such a big impact. We drove over to one of our town's newest additions, Fresh Ma...

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Buddy Walk 2015
I first learned about Buddy Walks the summer Baker was
born. How sad, that for twenty-seven years, I didn’t know such a wonderful
event even existed? I count it all joy to be able to participate and walk
alongside my one and only Baker Boy.     Baker and Ba...

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I Never Knew I Wanted a Child with Down Syndrome Until I Had One
I was overjoyed when Stefanie asked me to kick off her new blog series, Downright Blessed! I am sharing one of my favorites today, over at  Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too .   I never knew I wanted a child with Down Syndrome until I had one. Being Bake...

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James Barrett is Four Months Old!
there my little sack of sugar!         Yesterday,
you turned four months old! You love to be held, and we are happy to oblige. Your little eyes light up when you see your mommy, daddy, and big brother. You are starting to recognize when you leave our ...

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Social Media - Why I Share
As I look around the cluttered room, baby swing draped
with last night’s swaddle, blocks boasting letters and numbers scattered
haphazardly across the floor ready to lay claim to their next night walking
victim, a kernel of popcorn from yesterday’s afternoo...
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