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Pinky Poinker
Mother of five young adults, teacher, writer and animal aficionado!
Mother of five young adults, teacher, writer and animal aficionado!

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The Trouble with Being a Unisexual
Unisex gloves and sunglasses Now that I’m back at school, Scotto feeds all the animals every evening (except for the cat, who swipes me on the ankle with her venomous claws as I’m juggling with my thermos, lunch and laptop on the way to my car every morning...

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Holidays are Over Fudge It!
My two weeks of holiday is over. I hosted my lunch with the girls from work who all drove the
one hour and fifteen minute trip up the mountain. I decided to be clever and
order some chicken and salad platters from our local deli instead of doing any
actual ...

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Ancestry DNA Surprises!
                                                                                              Image Credit                               By Lestat (Jan Mehlich) - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, The news is in...

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The Sound of Dust Mites
I have twelve ladies coming for lunch tomorrow and have been cleaning my dusty house so that they don't think I'm a filthy pig.  I picked up some Gumption at the IGA and it inspired me to write a song (as various things occasionally do).  You have to sing a...

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Why School Holidays Rock like Ozzy Osborne
Scozzy Osborne It was Crazy Hair Day, plus State of Origin Day at school the other day. The perfect storm for primary students to express their personal identity. The perfect storm for extravagant silly behaviour, excessive absurdity and disgraceful ambiguo...

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Bantam of the Opera
Bantam of the Opera For the last few weeks my cherished rooster, Hodor, has been a bit off. His appetite is as robust as ever but he keeps stumbling around in an unco-ordinated fashion, like a fluffy, rotund, drunken sailor. He’s still as belligerent as eve...

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A Short History of Mostly Nothing
Scotto being driven mental at Tamborine Mountain Every time I open a new Word document I automatically click on Page Layout, then Margins, then select Narrow Margins, to save paper. Imagine how much time I’d have saved over the last fifteen years if I’d had...

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Who the Hell was it?
I’m breathless with excitement. Literally twenty minutes ago, I was here... at Mel Gibson’s pub up on the mountain, having lunch with Scotto… and now I’m back home and feeling very distracted.  I saw an actual celebrity at lunch! When I say ‘Mel Gibson’s Pu...

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Happy Birthday Scotto Poinker!
It’s Scotto’s birthday tomorrow. We bought his presents together, last weekend. “Do you want me to wrap your presents?” I asked today, hoping he’d note the distinct lack of enthusiasm in my voice. “No that’s okay,” he said. “Do you care if I don’t get you a...

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Dodgy Stuff
We walked into a restaurant for lunch today and I insisted
(as I always do) on sitting so that I faced the entrance. “I have to sit facing the door,” I declared to Scotto, “because, if some drug crazed, ice addict maniac comes through the door
wielding a fu...
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