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Building Rationalia?
Prof. Neil deGrasse Tyson Over the
summer, Neil deGrasse Tyson proposed a virtual country called Rationalia.
In Rationalia government policies would need a body of evidence before they
could lead to laws. The people in Rationalia would conduct observations ...

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Chimps don’t throw stones
Well, actually they do. It is just that they are not very
good at it. Humans, on the other hand do display a high degree of skill when it
comes to throwing stones. This skill, argues, Perter Turin forms part of why we
developed a reverse hierarchy when comp...

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Pain, suffering and Ultrasociety
I find it quite
fascinating watching the current migrant crisis in Europe and
Sweden's response to it. Combine that with the actions of the
previous Alliance government in Sweden and it appears to me that both
the left and right in Swedish politics suffer f...

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Originally shared by ****
"Face it. Religion is simply upset because, finally, somebody's holding up a hand of skepticism about its wild claims and requiring the pastors, preachers and pundits to substantiate those claims. This does not make religion a victim. It makes religion accountable." #JeSuisCharlie #freespeech #CharlieHebdo

Image credit: The Godless and Irreligious FB Page

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