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Daniel Behn
Christian Husband Biker Musician Flyfishing Accountant
Christian Husband Biker Musician Flyfishing Accountant

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Hello all,

I thought that this Ida was a bust. But now we have 13 members. We need Dialog so here is a question, does anyone have question regarding developing a home studio. I personally am in the process of moving into a new home. My wife is an artist, painting mostly. I'm an armature musician learning about music production. So in our new home my wife took the carpeted room for her studio, leaving me with a cube composed of wood surfaces. I'd like to know if anyone has tackled the reflection problem.

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I really like the music I'm a studio musician and I enjoy listening to other peoples music. I highly recommend taking time to listen.

soon to be on +G+Factor show with +james green , +Roman Leal , +Clive Browne , I dont want to tag everyone all the time , but cant help it , we been hiding away and doing different things........... we will see what happens soon TONIGHT is just a few of us testing the waters

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Daniel Behn hung out with 5 people.Regs Abinguna, Kai Hall, Mateus Silva, MC DeltaT, and مقاول المدينة
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