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A series of Lightning talks about your favorite tools and libraries for development. Each talk should be 15 minutes long.

Some of the talks will be

-Espresso a quick intro Jing Chang

-An overview of LeakCanary by Jennifer McGee

-Retrofit by Stacy Devino

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Google is hosting a live event a few days after I/O to tell us more about an upcoming product! We don't know what it is yet, but it will be announced during I/O! Come join us for the event, and stick around after as we recap the highlights, talk more about I/O, and generally geek out about all things Google.

The exact topic and speakers have not been announced, but they will be some of the same speakers from I/O, probably experts on this new product. We'll update the details on this event as we learn more.

The live stream starts at 5PM Central time, but it will last two hours, so feel free to join whenever you can. Starting around 7, we will recap the event for those that come later, and brainstorm ways we might be able to use it, either as developers, or just as users!

We will also have a few attendees who went to I/O share what they learned, and give you an overview of what went on at the event.

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Please RSVP at the meetup page!

It's that time of year again, for us to discuss the big new features of our favorite mobile platform! Come and listen to our GDG organizers discuss what they've read, and contribute to the conversation!

This presentation will be led by Luke Wallace, one of the GDG Dallas organizers, and Director of Android Engineering at Bottle Rocket.

Food, beverages, and networking begin at 6:30. Presentation starts at 7.

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Otherwise known as "Big Trouble in Little Networks" presented by Stacy Devino

We will start with analyzing your application, then move onto design structures and implementation of various techniques to improve network performance and usability. This will cover things like Data stream compression, Image Compression, Image architecture and Design, Rendering packages, and monitoring speed.

Please RSVP on

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Come check out our polymer meetup this week. Polymer is evolved web development. Don't miss out.

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Randall Mitchell will give a presentation on Dagger 2, Android's latest best friend in the world of dependency injection.  He'll take you through the basics of creating modules and components, then show you how to drive them into Android UI.

Randall is a Senior Android Developer at Bottle Rocket Studios, where he has been developing Android applications for over three years.  He is also one of the founders and  organizers/co-organizers of the Dallas Android Developer Group.  He's been contributing to the group since it's inception in 2011.  He loves Java, which he first picked up in the Java 2 days.  He loves blending great architecture and great UI to create compelling user experiences.  He also love good wine, good beer, Naughty Dog Playstation games, and any good science fiction and fantasy series.

Food, beverages, and networking begins as 6:30.  Presentation starts at 7.

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Please RSVP for this meetup on the official Meetup page:

The upcoming Android M release changes the way permissions are granted and handled in the system, with the goal of a more fluid experience and more refined user control. While this is a good thing, it also puts a larger burden on app developers creating new apps as well as authors of legacy apps. This presentation, from Larry Schiefer of HIQES, will take a look at the basics of permissions, the impact to the user and the impact to you, the developer.

Larry Schiefer is the CTO and co-founder of HIQES LLC, creators of mobile applications, mobile platforms and embedded system software. Larry is a recognized Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Android, an avid mobile/embedded software developer, has spoken several times at AnDevCon, and has provided face to face and recorded developer training on Android's internals, app development and security.

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Please RSVP at the meetup page here:

This month Luke Wallace from Bottle Rocket will be giving a short (10-15 minute) talk on Google fit.

Also because the stable version of Android studio 1.3 was released on the July 30th, lets get together and try out some of the new features. 

We will be providing some exercises and examples so people can try out 

-How the Android Memory (HPROF) Viewer works in android studio

-How to use the new allocation tracker

and a few more features
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