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Suddenly, I'm not so worried about Microsoft's future

This is a demonstration of an app project that is like Google Earth, except for the universe. With incredible swipe gestures on Microsoft's Surface, all kinds of movements can be done, and information accessed.
After watching this Corning Glass promo:

A Day Made of Glass 2 HD

...and seeing the future possibilities of large-size touch displays... I'd say that if MS concentrates on that realm, it won't matter if Windows Mobile ever really catches on!
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Wow! I'm not the biggest fan of Microsoft but I have to say that's pretty impressive.
I don't notify very often, but I was really blown away with this video. If you're interested in tech, like all those in my tech circle, then it's a must-see video of a large touch surface game-changer.
Thats pretty awesome. Specially the real time rendering and the fluency of touch screen. It clearly shows the potential Microsoft can come up with touch screen devices. Good work #Microsoft.
I wouldn't be worried either. When I first watched this demonstration I felt like cheering - this is something straight out of a sci fi movie come-to-life. I could almost imagine traversing the universe using this tech as my guide. And I'm tempted to spend more than $2000 to buy it so I can spend many an hour drooling over its awesomeness.
woah, thats cool, i watched it like 14 times
what a great way to get kids interested in science... or anything! Teachers, take note and ask for budget!! lol.
so what

google sky is already there run it on a big touch screen android tablet, resluts will be much better
Microsoft doesn't need anyone to worry about their future, they'll be just fine by selling $500 office licenses to people who don't know any better
The only problem that I see with posting the Corning Glass video in combination with the Microsoft Surface video is that the Corning guy said over and over again that open operating systems would be a key components of the ubiquitous touch display future.
Brian T
This will catch on in so many places and soon theyll use this same tech in other products.... The discs are really cool
This is really quite impressive.
Maybe available on next generation of tablet devices... Integrate Kinect to Surface.
Please circle me google+er's and i'll do the same! <3
Not seeing much of a monetizing angle to a mass market, so still see risk for MS future
ms bob seemed kinda cool too until you used it.
That's a nice table, but tables aren't very practical are they? I can't take a table with me. I can't spend hours at a time looking down at a table.

Sure the demo is cool, but it is a demo, it's supposed to wow.

When Microsoft adds a "t" to their "table", I'll start to get excited.
My fiance and I watched this and we are completely blown away. At the ages of 29 and 28, we can only imagine what our generation will be like in our 40's-60's.
OK. It's a table. Is it next to the table I can put my coffee down on? And...Hey! Get your feet of the table!
Ken Mei
How is this any better than Celestia which I've had on my desktop for years? Only with less versatility and more hand controls than are necessary? Oh, it's on a table.
Wow, this is the best thing Microsoft has made since Vista!

Tee hee hee. ^^

Seriously, though, this is really cool; thanks for sharing.
too complicated to understand for a normal user. Google earth is far better and simpler
I have just been out using the Google sky app and have been on Google earth at least three times this week, I would realy use this
I think multi-touch is where Microsoft's future is at. It's certainly not cloud computing...they're clueless in that realm!
I do like it but the hole thing need to be 3D .All the star in back of earth
how much does one of those things cost?
+Dan Stormont Considering that multi-touch was originally developed by Apple, I guess Microsoft's future is to keep going where Apple was . . . as always.

Everyone, including me, loves to diss Microsoft, but they do deserve respect, if only a little.
grt graphic use.. and simulation
Impressive. #Microsoft has always had their foot in the future with regards to #technology via The Jetsons.
+Thomas Kang Sorry, but Apple did not develop multi-touch (iPhone marketing be damned). Multi-touch was around long before Apple started marketing touch screens and the multi-touch used in the iPhone and iPad was developed by Fingerworks, who in turn were bought by Apple. Before Apple ever mentioned "multi-touch" for the first time, the founder of the company I work for (Perceptive Pixel) was demonstrating large format multi-touch displays and we continue to be an industry leader in the area of large format professional multi-touch displays. Funny how everyone always thinks Apple invented something first. I can't think of a single thing that Apple innovated. Apple is phenomenal at packaging and marketing: innovation? not so much. (Don't get me wrong, I'd be hard pressed to think of anything Microsoft has innovated, either. They are just very good at mass marketing.)
Not a Microsoft's fan but that's incredible......
+Lawrence Hubbard: Wow! An interesting way to learn Science. Thanks for sharing. Your surname is easy to remember and tag: telescope, earth, world, science, universe.
Great device to have on a star ship bridge!
anil jagtap yae me too...wonder the same thing...
Freakin' tehnology hehe I remember the days of hardly any.. Now I cant live without it!
Man, and all I had was encyclopedia Britannica.
Reminds me of Star Wars when the Rebel Alliance is planning the attack on the Death Star. Looks cool!
That's the coolest thing I've seen from Microsoft in awhile.
this is awesome no matter who's brand is on it...
+Dan Stormont Thanks for the correction. I actually knew that Apple was not the originator, and my use of the phrase "originally developed by Apple" is inelegant and off the mark.^^

I don't recall whether Walter Isaacson mentions Perceptive Pixel in the Steve Jobs biography, but he does outline the story behind Apple's development of the iPhone, which incorporated the multi-touch after Apple purchased the technology from another firm.

Isaacson also does a good job of noting that the source of Jobs's creative genius was his ability to use his intuition to integrate various cool technologies into a tightly-knit, integrated package, and that neither he nor his company was a pioneer in coming up with new technologies. Nonetheless, Jobs got pissed at Gates for "copying" the multi-touch using the iPhone as the basis, in the same way that the early GUI of Windows 95 "copied" the Mac GUI.

What I was getting at in my off-the-cuff remark was simply that Microsoft was following Apple's footsteps. I was poking fun just for the sake of poking fun more than anything else.
wow... this is amazing""""""""""""""""!!!!!!!!!!
Zen Red
hmmmm not sure where we are going as humans - i think its best we fix the problems down here first though before making more problems in the universe. Microsoft how about world peace apps!
nice video. but who cares if i cant do it.
It could be the reason, why Google give away source code for Skymap..
"Suddenly, I'm not so worried about Microsoft's future" <- where is the connection between this video and M$ success???!!!
+Thomas Kang Fair enough about Microsoft following Apple's lead. There is little doubt that MS has been playing catch up for a long time. If you need evidence of that, just look at their Microsoft Online cloud services, which somehow manage to make Office and Outlook even more dysfunctional and irritating, without any of the actual advantages of cloud computing. You have to download their client just to use most of their "cloud" services... Same with Windows 8 where Microsoft is trying to convince everyone that Metro Apps are better than HTML5 web apps. Well...better for Microsoft, at least, since you need to have Windows 8 to run them!

The point I was making in my first point is that Microsoft has been doing a lot of work with multi-touch support in both Windows 7 and 8 and with gesture recognition with the Kinect. To my mind, that may be Microsoft's only path to relevance for the future - it's certainly not going to be in cloud computing, where even Apple's clouded vision is clearer.

So, in the final analysis, we're probably in agreement!
The ipad app Solar Walk does many of the same things - but not as good as this.
I can't quite recall the various cloud services the Microsoft had going for a while -- perhaps Sky Drive, or something along those lines. I never ended up getting much use out of any of its services, and I wasn't particularly impressed. Still, the company does surprisingly well for itself, even if none of its work comes close to pioneering.

It's cool that you work for Perceptive Pixel; it sounds like the company does pretty cool stuff.
this is like celestia 3D , but a lot better.
Alan Ng
not as useful as google map, but interesting and educational nevertheless
This is just hype. It's not gonna make Microsoft actions stop going down the hill.
Ben Wan
This look like the control panel that the pilots of the USS Enterprise of the Star Trek Next Generation use. Pretty amazing.
That's amazing! A new way to navigate if the maps are accurate enough. Maybe that cruise ship wouldn't have capsized if they had something like this?
I must say that the future for our species has so much potential, if only we can avoid the trap of reactionary behavior. Think of educational applications of this technology. Proud to be human.
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