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Hangout magic
Hangouts provide opportunities to see some amazing things.
The most incredible Hangout moment for me, happened in the Hangout pictured below. An Egyptian activist, with animosity toward Americans, and US military in particular, got to talking about serious issues with the group.

My friends +George Miller and his son +Robby Miller were there too. After much talk and agreement, Robby revealed that he was a former Marine Sgt.
It was like magic.
I watched a man's prejudices melt away as he got to know the human that he thought was his enemy.

Have you seen any #HangoutMagic?
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Now that is pretty flippin' awesome.
Glad, both realized that they are humans before anything else.
I keep wanting to have peace hangouts with Israelis and Arabs/Palestinians..
If I had more time to dedicate to it I would...
This Hangout was Amazing to experience.  The part I was really inspired about was listening to Rady Albanhawy in the begining, he explained that Egypt is not what our media and movies have portrayed it to be and that every country has it's good and bad apples.  Then the realization that the perception he didn't want those in the Hangout to have about him because he lives in Egypt, was very similar to the perception he had about all Marines in the Marine Corps.  This was shattered by both of us highly respecting each other as individuals looking to do good in the world.  I learned this same lesson myself and realized a greater importance on respecting everyone.  I'm now convinced Google + will slowly change the world for the better if everyone can remember that the exact opposite can happen in a hangout as well, so please remember that the highest leadership quality is Respect by Understanding. 
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