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Laurence Hubbard
proud dad - tech obsessed ✔ Verified by my friend Dave
proud dad - tech obsessed ✔ Verified by my friend Dave


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Thanks to Matty. I'm sharing this for Laurence. Take care of each other, Pauline
Everyone raise a glass in honor of +Laurence Hubbard (creator of +Tea for Ten and someone many of us called friend)

Hanging out and enjoying Laurence who truly appreciated good sense of humor and cheer. He loved +Google+ and hanging out, fascinated by it 
as he explored it... It is sad to have lost him so soon and my thoughts
are with his family, friends and everyone who was in his life. I hope he is in a beautiful place right now with no pain and able to still be all over our hangouts in spirit.

Here are some awesome moments with +Laurence Hubbard in one of the parts from the 24+ hour hangoutathon from September:
Hangout Conversations w/Matt Rappaport ANNIVERSARY HANGOUTATHON MARATHON ONE YEAR SHOW Part +3


Here's an earlier HOA with Laurence in which he talks about +Tea for Ten and their hangouts and just more info and good +Hangout Moments with him:

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Life is still good
I got the bad news, in fact double the intensity. The cancer progress began on two different organs, pancreas and liver.
So It's palliative care now, and a pretty short timeline.
All the thoughts and good wishes have been overwhelming.
If there's anything after this life, I'll hopefully be surprised, like playing center field for the San Francisco Giants.

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Sorry for the infrequent updates. In and out of hospitals, testing, monitoring...I'm not falling between the cracks. Very good system here.

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RIP Gilda

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Friends since the beginning
An amazing reunion of friends who have been there all along, most since kindergarden.
Thanks for the great day, guys.

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I'm in Limbo
My melanoma can be one of two types, one treatable with an experimental, non-chemo drug, that has a 90% chance of reducing or eliminating the cancer.
The other melanoma is incurable, with a similar dismal prognosis to pancreatic cancer.
I'll find out which one I have in the next week or two.

Photo courtesy of NASA

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Last night, we had a blackout for a few hours because of hurricane Sandy, and I realized that I still really want one of these Solio chargers. Backup power to charge my phone, that can use the sun to load up its battery.
I heard that Obama has one.
Such great industrial design and utility!

#bugoutgear   #solarcharger   #survivalist  

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+Maria Stepanov Sommerfield is quick on the meme creation!
+Star Wars Tuesday 
You guys all heard by now how Disney is buying Lucas Film.  In order to get a head start on all the jokes here I go...

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+Jill Barber is a fabulous Canadian singer/songwriter who sings some Everly Brothers with her brother, recently in Toronto before her current Australia tour.
Her music is smokey, bluesy, Maritimish, soulful, and timeless. I sat next to her playing guitar at a campfire during the Shelter Valley Folk Festival a few years ago. What talent up close, and sweet as pie.

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It's strange seeing people circle me now.
Some don't know I'm ill, some must find it interesting to follow, some want to support me as I go through this.
Google+ keeps my spirits high, I love this community ♥

I just got back from an aerobic level ride around town and feel nearly normal right now. Incredible meds.

The morphine makes me dozy too, and my sleep is all over the place now. Worked out well as I motored through months of office loose ends between 3-7am! Such a weight off.
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