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At Noisebridge, this LED art got my attention.

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The other night, I watched a new Mike Rowe special called "Dirty Mike Rowe". Its about microbes and parasites that exist on the human body. I think its pretty good, but then I'm a fan. There is an endoscope involved - you have been warned.

Tonight, I was watching Ze Frank's Ted talk. When it was over, I noticed a link to Mike Rowe's Ted talk. I hadn't seen it before, and like I said, I'm a fan. So I watched it. Starting at 15:08, he talks about an issue that has been bothering me more and more over time.

Downloaded Portal for free (available on Steam until end of September) and played it over the weekend.

I'd heard that Portal was short. I've almost finished the game already. I'm up to the boss fight with under 8 hours of play.

The game mechanics are very cool. However, the levels are too linear. I could use more levels like the finale before the boss fight. It had some good puzzles and I wandered around a bit, looking for nooks and crannies rather than just following the clues to get to the final room. I spent over an hour on that level. Sadly most of that time was spent looking for the exit from the final room.

Too short! I'm hoping the boss fight takes me a while.

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SAO Tech Ignite is scheduled for Sept 15th, 5:30 to 9pm, at the Mission Street Pub.

Ward Cunningham has submitted a talk on exploratory parsing, and Peter Lund on GeoSocial Gaming. I'm expecting other "must see" topics.

Plus, Mission Street balcony seating and microbrew on tap. This is a cannot loose scenario.

Google+ may or may not be stellar. First impressions:

I can't use my established "handle" - at least not without some bifurcation into a first/last name. -10 points.
This edit box is mostly a fail. -5pts
UI for managing "circles" - nice concept but implementation is mostly a fail -1pt
Integration with a new type of chat (hangouts) +10
Potential for integration with existing Google technologies, such as gmail, calendar, picasa, etc. +1.
Restraint in not overdoing and under delivering on first release with integration +9
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