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Furries and furiends. The next stop is Praha hl.n the scheduled arrival is at 18:45.
The boss will be angry that I run away before moving was finished fully, but I don't really care..... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Next stop is Prag, the arrival is at 18:45. The boss will be angry I left before moving end, but I don't really care, yeah yeah yeah xP

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citace z článku '' Proč ale neponechal ve Windows Store alespoň stávající moderní aplikaci? Zřejmě proto, aby uživatele přecházející na Windows 100 ze sedmiček nevyděsil. '' :D

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Innowacyjne rozwiązania w Orange. Automaty rozmawiają same ze sobą!

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I'm feeling bored, so feel free to ask me anything you want. For limited time I let you ask it anonymously too, because I am bored. However the price for it is I may not answer some questions at all!

Furries! Your attention please! Important security advice!
I don't give a damn about 14 Feb no matter who you are for me, the day will be regular as any other!
Do not leave your feelings unattended!
The unattended feelings MAY be stolen and can get destroyed at your expense.
Thank you for your attention!
#valentinesday    #daretorisk   #nopromise   #securityadvice  

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So from now on, I can work on my own for anyone I want :) fully legally!
I like it. However due privacy reasons, it concerns me so I'll not reveal "magic numbers" :P unless until the actual deals will be done with me about anything - if ever.
Not sure what I will be doing with it about it. But I have stable income at the moment - that's what counts.
Maybe.... MAYBE I should learn drawing arts >.>
 I do IT and problem is, I'd most propably do shitz for free anyway XD unless it's total strangers >.<
 It will be very hard for me to start valuing even so little terrible work I do ;P unless I do it for total strangers.
Perhaps I should make separate website for that, but then I'd want to keep it far away from fandom and I do not like that idea.
Fandom does not go well with bussiness activities, or at least I can't imagine that - yet.
 I do IT, not arts, so... unpopular thing...... I could go for HDD data recovery... we will see what future brings.
At the moment, semi private-semi bussiness I am ;p hybrid in whole meaning of the sense XD
Updates soon!

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Furry Fandom in a nutshell for me :D
Remember, At Any Moment
Awesomeness can strike!

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