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Look at this cute little face! But now they are singing?!?! What will happen next? Hamsters with golf clubs?!?! Hamsters pumping iron?!?! Hamsters with guns?!?! Hamsters our own size?!?! They are turning into... dinosaurs!
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I just lost my Grandma. My only Grandma that I knew. You never know how much you love someone until they're gone and you can't tell them that. Don't ever let a moment go by without telling them that you love them. I know she knew it, don't take them for granted You will regret it, and I had to learn that the hard way. Don't let bad habits get in the way of making good ones.
At the same time, its never too late, so with that said;
I love you grandma! We will be together again, one day.
<3 :)

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Happy Easter everyone! Remember the reason for the season! Hope you get enough candy and have lots of fun!

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Robbie/ Matt Bennet!
Got off work early today! Picture of me leaving set with a certain cast member hiding behind me. Can you guess who it is? ;{)

I'm a huge fan of Heartland! (see my photos!) Amy just found an engagement ring by her boyfriends phone and then the season ends. CBC dicided to make budget cuts and Heartland might be one of them! If you want to save Heartland sign the petition and click send!

Can't wait for SATURDAY AND EASTER! And thats MY dog!
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