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Paul Vixie
Hey you kids get offa my lawn!
Hey you kids get offa my lawn!

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"You never really know someone until you fight them."

--me, learning Go this weekend

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Love those sideburns and bell bottoms.

And the tu56 tape drives.

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No, actually, I am not going to shut up about the real lessons of the OPM breach.

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damn straight, because it definitely didn't win by being early, being well designed, or adhering to good coding practices.

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Any saumil shah talk is with traveling for. Especially on this topic.

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<<“The verbing of nouns is as old as the English language,” says Patricia O’Conner, author of Woe Is I: The Grammarphobe’s Guide to Better English in Plain English. In fact, she says, experts estimate (not to be confused with the noun form ‘estimate’, which is pronounced differently) that 20% of all English verbs were originally nouns. And the phenomenon seems to be snowballing (there’s another one). Since 1900, says O’Conner, about 40% of all of our new verbs have come from nouns.>>

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so far so good. if only they'd chosen freebsd instead of ubuntu, though.

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<<Even before Tesla reported the first known death of a driver using its autopilot feature, some employees worried the car company wasn't taking every possible precaution.>>

precautions be damned. i am not elon musk's lab rat. i did not give consent as a human subject to be experimented upon by his robotic driving software. and i would not give such consent, because musk's human customers will NEVER be ready to take control of the vehicle during the split second of an emergency, and if they do take control, then the fact that they are not full-time drivers will mean they lack the reflexes and judgement that would come from long term in-the-seat training.

see also:

i guess i'd rather know than not, but still, this has got old.

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