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Hanna Silver
A person who thinks things and doesn't always say them out loud
A person who thinks things and doesn't always say them out loud


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I ❤️ Cracked!

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Don't try this at home, kids! #music

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That is SO FUNNY (but pretty sure it's not true)

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My new toy - the Dato Duo synth for two! #datoduo #synth

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A few weeks ago I went on the Melbourne 36 photowalk, bringing along my manual SLR film camera. The idea was you limit yourself to taking only 36 photos, as if you only had a roll of 36 film. As it happened, I brought along what I had, 2 rolls of 24. I've had the first roll developed - I need to actually finish the 2nd roll! So at least I can show you this so much. My skills are quite rusty, and of course I can't get immediate feedback when I've taken a shot - with film, I've got to just hope for the best! Pretty happy with how these ones turned out, considering how rarely I pick up this camera. I've put my favourites towards the front of the album. The one of the hairdresser is my favourite. (There's a few extra that didn't turn out well, so I'm not bothering to post them.) Thanks again to +Paul Pavlinovich for organising the walk, it was most enjoyable, and good company!
#36walk #36walk2017 #localguides
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My YouTube lesson on how to get better at playing pop piano has hit 60,000 views! That's a lot
#music #piano

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This woman makes lunch at work. And it's mesmerizing to see how she does it!

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Haven't listened to this for ages. Such a classic!

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I was quite chirpy to find out that the song I sang on was chosen for the new TK Maxx Australia advertisement!
#australia #brands #tkmaxx #h
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